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    • Invictus

      by Pamela Hruska

      No matter what, the reality of Nelson Mandela is something that deserves screen time. Should this film even remotely intrigue the masses to take interest in this figure, the world would likely benefit greatly from it.

    • Fresh

      by Pamela Hruska

      I’m hungry and I want to eat. I want to eat well. I wish for it to be sustainable. I wish for it to be accessible. Most importantly, I wish marketing didn’t lead us down the ‘garden path’ to anywhere but the garden.

    • When Diva’s Become Hustlers.

      by Kimberley Jev

      A fire breathing diva who still knows how to love, tough but sweet and loved by the president Obama and his wife as was seen at the recent inauguration of America's first African American president.

    • Pontypool – Telefilm Grant Inspires a Wave of Terror

      by Gordon McDowell

      Since Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later”, the zombie movie has seen a constant injection of fresh ideas. Pontypool carries the baton still further.

    • WATCHMEN – The “What is Alan’s problem?” review.

      by Gordon McDowell

      Nixon is serving a third term. The cold war is about to heat up. What’s the point in catching bank robbers, when nuclear war is about to turn the entire planet into a cinder?

    • Brownie points with Slumdog Millionaire

      by Gordon McDowell

      That's what your woman has really been craving every time she goes to see a chick flick, but she doesn't know it. In fact it is scientifically impossible for a woman NOT to watch the Slumdog Millionaire end credits and not feel deeply satisfied.

    • Yes Man

      by David Gluzman

      Even though this movie is very tongue and cheek, I believe it will resonate with many at a deeper level. How many times in a day do you say “No,” and why do you?

    • Body of Lies

      by Gordon McDowell

      Rebecca tears his shirt off and pours hot wax down his chest. She rapes him while grinding a broken light bulb into his back. And she also scratches his back with her fingernails. Ah, 1993 was a simpler time, one of indian burns and 20 chocolate bars jammed into various body cavities.

    • Nights in Rodanthe

      by Pamela Hruska

      If anything, this movie highlights the fact that in any stage of life, you will not evade the debacle of trying to solidify a really firm idea of exactly what you want. Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, this film captures the author’s style quite closely.

    • Star Wars – Clone Wars

      by Ian Harding

      Bright colours, action, and the sound of lightsabers. Oh lightsabers. An element very specific to only one saga of films: Star Wars.
      Not having “episode” in the title, Star Wars: The Clone Wars leaves one pondering its existence. Heck, even I didn’t know it existed until I saw it. The hype and PR around this film …

    • Get Smart!

      by Pamela Hruska

      Nik at night used to play hour after hour of Get Smart. Sure the show was cheesy, but I was young, and used to dedicate time to it anyway. The test? Is a resurrection going to be a blaring reminder that I had horrifically bad taste once upon a day? Well, if you never liked …

    • The Dark Knight

      by Pamela Hruska

      A heavy weight surrounding this film leaves me asking myself what shapes my impression about it all. The world will go into theatres this Friday with conceptions, whatever they may be. Access to long winded, very detailed accounts of The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan, can be found everywhere, but I’m not convinced it is …

    • Indiana Jones Does It Again

      by Ian Harding

      He may not have been a super hero, but a hero he was. With nothing but a whip and a plethora of archaeological knowledge that he had learned over the years both by his own studies and from that of his father, Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones became a household name to everyone.

    • Movie: TMNT

      by Phil MacNevin

      The film’s plot takes place after the Shredder, nemesis of the Turtles, had been slain. Their new enemy is an ancient evil that is now terrorizing New York city, in which the four Turtles have to save the city (and ultimately, man-kind) from with the help of Splinter, April and Casey Jones.

    • Movie: 300

      by Pamela Hruska

      Let’s get to the fundamentals; there are blood, guts, ripped abs, and hot women throughout. The twists? Apparently feminism was alive and strong in 480 BC where women could shank men. And cross-dressing, at that time, seemed acceptable in Persia. Who knew?!

    • Unaccompanied Minors

      by Ian Harding

      Forget blazing guns, futuristic creatures, and countless uses of profanity. Unaccompanied Minors is pure fun that both children and adults looking for a holiday season kick-start can enjoy.

    • Blood Diamond

      by Gordon McDowell

      What guy cares about diamonds, period? Gangsta rappers looking for bling… and homosexual pop stars. That’s it. If you are neither one of those, and you’re buying a diamond, then you’re looking to get yourself a wife, or you need to cut glass.

    • The Fountain

      by Pamela Hruska

      Sentiments created and shared through the main characters leave you contemplating your own life, it’s meaning, and challenges you on your thoughts on life and death.

    • The Departed

      by Pamela Hruska

      This film laid down some new classics for the male population to memorize, recite and cherish for decades to come. The Departed is going to be one of those. It’s outstanding. Its cast is big, its plot is big, its impact, truly, is big.

    • Date Movies: Beerfest vs Amanda

      by Gordon McDowell

      It’s like asking a man to clean a toilet, or crap out a baby. Sure, with superhuman effort, just about anything is possible. But is it really worth all the extra work? Wouldn’t it be easier to just hand the scrub brush to someone better suited for the task?

    • Win tickets to see: Accepted

      by R4NT

      R4NT Magazine is presenting a chance to win tickets for 2 to see the premiere of “Accepted” staring, Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Black Lively, Adam Herschman and Lewis Black. The movie officially comes out August 18th, 2006.

    • Date Movies: United 93 vs Hard Candy

      by Gordon McDowell

      I’ll never be able to seduce EVERY woman on the planet. There’ll always be that one, rickety old senior who insists on taking it slow… something neither I (nor she) have time for.

    • Mission Impossible 3

      by Carolyn Petit

      …there’s plenty of generic but very engaging spy action in Mission: Impossible III. And Shanghai looks amazing.

    • Jarhead

      by Ian Harding

      No one man tries to be the hero and as Operation Desert Shield turns into Desert Storm, the film does a good job of portraying the events that took place in the sand-ridden planes of heat and sweat.

    • The 40 Year old Virgin

      by Carolyn Petit

      Andy Stitzer, played brilliantly by Steve Carell, the movie gives us a guy who has understandable reasons for ending up where he is; a sweet, charming, funny, vaguely sad guy we can’t help but root for.

    • War of the Worlds

      by Carolyn Petit

      It’s clear that Spielberg was operating on a post-September-11th level here, and in this film he is brilliant at composing images that are suggestive of not only the destruction of that day..

    • Batman Begins

      by Carolyn Petit

      Do we really have any free will, or do we just act out the byproducts of the genetic code we’ve inherited as it’s filtered through a lens of childhood traumas and incoming stimuli?

    • How to spend your money at the movies this year

      by Beauty

      Summer is just around the corner, and that means the theaters will be flooded. The studios will take advantage of the nice weather and people’s summer vacation schedules to release the best films of 2005.

    • SeaBiscuit

      by MaxPower

      I watched this movie from the cozy confines of 35,000 feet, on a flight that was two hours late due to weather and mechanical difficulties. What would adequately describe my state of mind? Bored – and in need of distraction, SeaBiscuit was it. It was either that or re-read the in-flight magazine. Starring Toby Maguire …

    • Alien – Directors Cut

      by Wartank

      In the oppressive darkness, two grungy spacesuits carefully lower a third into the bowels of the alien ship. He is suspended temporarily in mid-air inside a cavernous room. The alien walls are ribbed as though alive; a raised backbone-walkway snakes along the base, towards the interminable distance. The explorer is deposited, gingerly, there. A pale, …

    • Scary Movie 3

      by Terence Leung

      I’m a big fan of dookie jokes. Just love them. Dick and fart jokes too. Pee jokes are just as good. Oh, and don’t forget boobie jokes. I love boobie jokes, mostly because I love boobies and when they make jokes about boobies it just adds to the overall experience.
      So, enter Scary Movie 3. One …

    • Xmen 2

      by Obsidian

      Over the past decade or so, movie properties based on comic books have become one of the hottest things going. Some of us have been reading comics long enough to remember when we could only hope that some of these great characters would ever be brought to life on the big screen. In the summer …

    • Movie: xXx

      by Crom

      The highly anticipated sequel to Fast and the Furious…. No wait. Like a few people I was eagerly anticipating the release of Triple X. Being an avid follower of bad movies I was expecting a bad plot, bad acting, huge stunts and tons of references to “Extreme” sport culture. And boy was I given all …

    • Powerpuff Girls – The Movie

      by Wartank

      Here is a story of how great things come in small packages – I’m speaking both of the teensy size of the movie’s namesake ass-kickers as well as the densely packed cinematic artifice. The Powerpuff girls are pint sized but immensely powerful, and the movie is barely 70 minutes long but is effectively a challenge …

    • Star Wars – Attack of the Clones

      by Wartank

      One thing I can say is that I was certainly quite surprised coming out of Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.
      I was surprised that the title, shunned for years by nerds worldwide, was actually quite fitting in describing this confused, high-tech A/V hack job, frankensteined from 10 vastly superior films, and carrying no …

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