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    • Mr.Scruff Video DVD

      by David Gluzman

      “How many wheels does your car have? Not as many as this one! The new 12 wheel squirrel”
      Who the heck is Mr. Scruff you say? Well if you’ve seen the new Lincoln Navigator commercials with a really catchy beat then you’ve heard the Scruff at work. That track is “Get a move …

    • Tosca – Dehli9

      by a parallel mechanic

      Dreamy, dubby, and *gasp* housey…
      Unless I’m on drugs or with a girlie that loves to dance (unfortunately both rare situations by the way), I can’t get down to “funkee house muzak,” it just doesn’t get me off. So when I heard that the new Tosca album was a bit more housey than their prior releases, …

    • Bike Parts: Block 8

      by Shaggy

      This past year I had the opportunity to ride for Block 8 and try out their parts. I set up my hardtail with the Block 8 12 Gauge cromo bars, Block 8 cromo Crank Pipes and Sealed Cage Match pedals. On my Full-Suspension I threw on the 12 Gauge bars and the Cage …

    • A Fine Cheese

      by David Gluzman

      She had just turned 18 and was out ripping it up at the club, but then it dawned on me that she was born in 1985! Heck, I remember what I was doing in 1985, and that made me feel really old..

    • Gamer Hype

      by MaxPower

      There is no reason for Sony or Microsoft to rush forward the release of a next generation machine when the PS2 has been selling like mad without any major discounts since the last round prior to Christmas..

    • The Police Officer, The Construction Worker, The Indian, The Biker and The Retard

      by Terence Leung

      The movies, television, media and our everyday lives that invariably encompass those things will always try to push the boundaries of taste, especially humor. It is because it is not real. Racism, sexism, prejudice, stereotypes and insults that cut deep don’t become until they are real..

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