Atlantic Records


Articles by Atlantic Records:

The Darkness

by Atlantic Records

Steering firmly clear of ridiculous, The Darkness’ histrionics make spaceships, tigers and bared chests logical accompaniments to songs that are immediately memorable and utterly timeless.

James Blunt

by Atlantic Records

The onetime British army captain, who served stints as a peacekeeper in Kosovo and guard at Buckingham Palace, is now preparing to conquer the US with his sublime songs and chillingly emotive live performances.

Death Cab for Cutie

by Atlantic Records

The first single, “Soul Meets Body” showcases Ben Gibbard’s unique vocal styling and deft lyricism within a romantically haunting keyboard-laden music bed.

Jason Mraz

by Atlantic Records

These 12 songs recognize the events of Mraz’s last few years, in which he left the coffee houses where he was raised and was thrust into the theatre and arena circuits.

Bjork – Medulla

by Atlantic Records

Much of the collection features the inimitable singer performing over percussive beats created by some of today’s masters of human beatboxing