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    • Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head

      by Terence Leung

      With the alternative-tortured soul-rock music market in the UK well covered by Mercury Cold Prize pets Travis, Beth Orton, Starsailor, Elbow, David Gray, Turin Brakes and company; certain conventions can be placed on what Jack Black’s character Barry from High Fidelity called “Old Sad Bastard Music.”
      There are rules that are very stringent and deviants will …

    • Thievery Corporation – The Richest Man in Babylon

      by a parallel mechanic

      Thievery’s tempo has slowed down and for the most part steered away from the bossa nova&house vibe which were the more prevalent themes on their 2000 “Mirror Conspiracy” release. Not that the bossa nova stylings weren’t appealing and fresh at the time, but this whole “nu jazz” movement has been played out a bit too …

    • Switchblade Comb

      by Crom

      If you can’t hack it to the point where you let your kid die, or beat him, or abuse him in any fashion, then you’re out of the game. It’s obvious that you’re a fuck up and don’t deserve the trust of the majority in taking care of another human being..

    • Why I will never buy Maxtor ever again

      by David Gluzman

      This really boils my blood, not only has Maxtor not lived upto it’s service, warranty or customer satisfaction, but now I would have to spend MORE money (about 20 bucks) in returning a drive..

    • Let’s Slap a Tax on that Puppy

      by MaxPower

      If I am going to go out and buy a sports car for 150K, do you think I care if it has a 5000-dollar gas-guzzler tax? Uh no. Just as like I don’t care about the gas mileage, who cares if it gets 1 mile to the gallon. I’m cool..

    • Walk Away

      by Crom

      ..So many people speak of a job that’s more then a job. Something they can care about. And, any job is pointless if you care nothing for it. Unless you’re whole motivation is to receive that glorious pay cheque every 2 weeks.

    • Special Feature: Music / Video Promos

      by Ninja Tune

      Courtesy of Ninja Tune, we have an absolute belter of an audio / video extravaganza to offer readers: DSP, Mr.Scruff, The Cinematic Orchestra, The Herbaliser, Amon Tobin, Pest, Chocolate Industries, Super Numeri, Dj Vadim & Funki Procini.

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