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    • Star Wars – Attack of the Clones

      by Wartank

      One thing I can say is that I was certainly quite surprised coming out of Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.
      I was surprised that the title, shunned for years by nerds worldwide, was actually quite fitting in describing this confused, high-tech A/V hack job, frankensteined from 10 vastly superior films, and carrying no …

    • Rogers/Shaw Hi-Speed Internet

      by Crom & D4V

      D4V: Claim: Unlimited High Speed Internet Fact: Unlimited hassles guarantee
      Crom: You know, I remember when I got my iStar account; I thought I was in paradise. When I got my High Speed cable, I thought I’d walked into the greatest show room on earth. Instead, I’d walked into a shit sandwich, and we all had …

    • NEC FE950+ (19″ CRT)

      by David Gluzman

      Quick Specification breakdown:

      18-inch viewable screen size
      0.25- to 0.27-millimeter dot pitch
      1,792 x 1,344 maximum resolution at 68 Hz refresh rate
      OptiClear viewing; antistatic, antiglare screen treatment
      Compatible with PCs and Macintoshes

      I remember when I bought my first NEC monitor in 1995; $1200 and I was sitting in front of a brand new 17″ Multisync M700. The M700 …

    • Insomnia (Movie)

      by 4CS

      The film was slow… with little drama.
      What’s worse, you have seen all the clichés in this film many times over. Let’s review: our hero, played by Al Pacino, is a decorated cop whose rep is on the line. Swank plays the rookie who has “followed EVERY case…” of our hero. The cop who accidentally (?) …

    • Dj Shadow – Private Press

      by a parallel mechanic

      Survey says…good album! Shadow manages to maintain his style from his 1996 “Entroducing….” release without sounding dated. Shadow fans will not be disappointed.
      Here’s a track-by-track size-up:
      1. Letter from Home – This is kind of random. Apparently, this was the way to communicate with a loved one over long distance back in the day. Just another …

    • Mike Who?

      by Kobayashi

      The separate weigh-ins and the line of security officers separating the two men in the ring only served to heighten my disappointment as there were no riots or body parts removed during the fight..

    • I’d try to win the Canadian Rocks House party contest..

      by Crom

      ..the phenomenon of Molson Canadian, is more a mental state, then an actual refreshing beverage..

    • G-8 Rioting 101: Only the uneducated need apply

      by Kobayashi

      ..let the radicals claw their way through K-Country. Our bears are getting rather hungry..

    • Cancer and You

      by MaxPower

      You think we have starvation problems now, wait till the food gestapo starts kicking over bowls of rice in developing countries. Hey China and India – all 2.2 billion of you, stop eating rice it’ll give you cancer. Hey Italy don’t you know noodles will kill you?

    • Ugliness Rears its Ugly Head on Talent

      by Terence Leung

      ..There is a girl somewhere in the world running around strumming her half-broken guitar and humming to herself, with the potential to re-arrange the entire face of music in one fell swoop… instead, we can substitute talent in for breasts..

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