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by Dijita

I straddled my board in the open water and enjoyed that moment of solitude before eyeing the swell that was going to break into the perfect wave.


by Dijita

The stomach is grumbling and you can’t ignore the call. You need to refuel with something that’s not going to go right through you like some kid on a waterslide. The answer is simple… sammiches.

Sony PSP

by Dijita

Personally I was excited to get my hands on the new Sony PSP. So on March 24th I was like a little kid opening up the box of my brand new Sony PSP. Was it worth it?

World of Warcraft

by Dijita

The nice thing is that it is set up in such a way that you do not NEED to put in hour long Marathons to actually progress in the game.

Manhunt (PS2)

by Dijita

The last thing you remember is being on death row lying on the steel table waiting the lethal injection. Now you wake up to find yourself in a room, dizzy and short of breath. An eerie voice booms through the intercom, “You’re not dead… yet… do as I say, make it through the night and …

Ride Me

by Dijita

Gas prices are stupidly expensive these days, and with the high insurance rates, taking the bus can seem like a good alternative. Heck, its getting to the point where paying a cab fare is probably more worth while than driving your own car..

Gameboy Advance SP

by Dijita

Two years ago I bought a Game Boy Advance just before my trip to Vegas. I figured it would provide some good entertainment while performing the ritualistic boring wait in the airport. Sure enough it did a job well done. My only complaint was that it was always hard to see the game. I always …


by Dijita

if you do something good, will something good happen to you in a physical sense, as opposed to merely feeling good about yourself?

A Night in With Boy George: A Chillout Mix

by Dijita

Let’s back up to August 2002, out from Moonshine records comes a mixed compilation by Boy George titled “A Night Out with Boy George”. Overall the best way I could describe it as is techno house; loud with lots of heavy beats, and in my opinion a fairly obnoxious mix of sounds. Fast-forward to October …