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    • Movie: Artificial Intelligence

      by Wartank

      Artificial Intelligence
      A.I. is the creative collaboration of two cinematic masters. Stanley Kubrick wrestled with its development for eight years, finally turning the reins over to Steven Spielberg to realize his dream when it was obvious that he could not. Kubrick’s movies are easily identifiable, and this one is no exception. However, it is arguably Spielberg’s …

    • Music: Thunderball – Scorpio Rising

      by robNtime

      Drum’n’Bass in Technicolor.
      Founded by the Thievery Corporation, Eighteenth Street Lounge music (ESL), has developed quite an impressive reputation for the chic downbeat sound in the realm of bossa nova breaks. Thunderball has pumped out another slick ESL release of beats and treats for your aural pleasure: “Scorpio Rising.”
      “Heart of the Hustler” is the opener and …

    • Down the Stream of Consciousness Without an Oar

      by The Witless Wonder

      …We survive in harmless pockets of disillusionment, happily secluded from the infinitely offending, indeterminately offensive, unavoidably perceptive ignorant masses…

    • Chalk it up to the Y

      by Crom

      …Granted that getting into a girls underwear requires a minimum amount of skill (in some cases), and that for the most part women allow themselves to manipulated…

    • Music, Oscillators and Porno

      by Terence Leung

      …I want melodies that inject coolness back into playing air-guitar again…

    • Draw the Longbow

      by Crom

      …He’s the guy that gives you advice you don’t want or need, he’s the guy that has the answer to everything, He’s the asshole in our midst…

    • Dubya, Riots, Media and other such Nonsense

      by MaxPower

      …I conclude that the media in their coverage of George Bush’s London Sightseeing Tour is directly responsible for the riots…

    • False Hopes

      by David Gluzman

      …my parents forgot to tell me that having $100 at the bank didn’t yield much interest. Guess I shouldn’t have spent that 20 cents I made all at one time…

    • Once a month I want to kill people

      by The Lotus Queen

      …Menstruating females! We are a group that should not be pissed off…

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