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    • R4NT Revenge

      by Gordon McDowell

      You still taking it? Still taking it from the man? Oh poor baby. Is the baby gonna cry? Cry baby, cry! Or, perhaps instead of crying, how about a nice warm glass of REVENGE!

    • Crom Interviews: Mumm-Ra

      by Crom

      Crom’s subject this issue is The Ever Living devil priest of Third Earth. The sound of his maniacal laugh emenating from his dreaded Black Pyramid makes the blood run cold of any man, woman, or feline.

    • Get Packing

      by Beauty

      I don’t claim to have any expertise or training when it comes to packing groceries, but I do have a lot of experience carrying ripped, overstuffed grocery bags up the elevator.

    • iPod v5

      by Ian Harding

      When it comes to expensive electronics, believe me, I treat them as if I gave birth to them. So when I squinted at the pristine surface glare from the white object encased within, I knew I had a task ahead of me.

    • Freestyle

      by Silenced Scream

      I tell them I don’t want a girlfriend, I tell them that I find them physically attractive and that I would love to spend time exploring their bodies and sharing a night of fun and passion together.

    • Olympic Predictions – R4NT Style

      by MaxPower

      As the second in a series of Olympic articles here on R4NT, I’m boldly stepping out and going to make predictions for the Canadian medal haul in the Torino Winter Olympics.

    • R4NT Giveaway Contest!

      by R4NT

      In celebration of our completion of 5 full volumes of R4NT we are giving away 3 copies of ‘Back to Bedlam’ from James Blunt. Also each lucky winner will receive a James Blunt T-Shirt as well.

    • Interview with Coldcut

      by David Gluzman

      After almost 8 years since their last release. We got the chance to catch up with Matt Black to talk to him about “Sound Mirrors” along with all things tech, with a side of politics, and some clips from the new album. Tune in!

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