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    • Xperience: Drum & Bass

      by David Gluzman

      I was really excited to sit down and listen to this album, over and over again. This album compiled by Dj Clever is the definition of great Drum and Bass. Hard hitting bass lines, wavering vocals, and mix that together with some sick mixing skills and you have something that’s sure to please.
      The “Xperience” line …

    • Xperience – Club Mix

      by David Gluzman

      Good freakin’ house beats mixed in with some bleepy techno samples. Welcome to what the current house scene sounds like.
      The “Xperience” line is a new venture from Moonshine Music. The new line which includes – Club Mix, Chillout Mix, Happy Hardcore, Trance and Drum and Bass – are very affordable new cds that bring together …

    • It’s not about Oil Stupid

      by MaxPower

      IF the US is going to war over the economics of oil, then they should hire some new economists. It just doesn’t make sense. The expense of shipping over 150,000 troops to the Middle East for a couple years, plus all of the jet fuel expenditures, bombs used etc, will cost upwards of a trillion dollars over 2 years..

    • This is One Whacky Gameshow

      by Crom

      ..everything has become a state of apprehension again. People walk around their daily lives, afraid. Afraid not only of a threat of terrorists and dictators, but of their own government..

    • TV Crap

      by David Gluzman

      ..that compilation CD of the best smooth rock of the 80’s looks really tempting, yet what the hell is going on with their pricing!? A Canadian company, on Canadian television, yet has the audacity to sell in AMERICAN dollars?!

    • Tax Me Not to Fly

      by MaxPower

      The Nav-Ins-Fuel fee bugs me a bit more, why do I have to pay a navigation fee to Nav Canada to provide navigation to the plane? Don’t my federal income taxes or the plane fare cover that? And Insurance? I understand the ramifications of Sept 11th on insurance companies but shouldn’t that be incorporated into re-insurance schemes rather than user pay? And Fuel..

    • Political Accoutrement

      by Crom

      we have the leader of the free world, embarrassing us once again. The whole socio/political world loves to include itself into the pop world. In obvious attempts to crack open the minds of the people and slip in under their radar as yet another of the Hollywood / Madison Avenue produced gems we all fall to our knees and worship with regular frequency..

    • The wandering thoughts of a nursery-hand

      by TDJ

      What I mean is that people who don’t take personal responsibility of their own situation, their own actions, will never be happy with their station in life. This is because it’s never their fault..

    • Music / Video Promos #2

      by Ninja Tune

      Ninja Tune are breaking new ground in 2003. Videos from the latest releases and free MP3 downloads from new and established Ninja artists are available for R4NT readers. Four video streams, eight audio streams and free MP3s including Mr Scruff, Amon Tobin, Jaga Jazzist, Hexstatic, Pest, Hint, Super Numeri, Skalpel. And most of them aren’t event out – yet!

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