Kimberley Jev


Articles by Kimberley Jev:

The Road Less Traveled.

by Kimberley Jev

The 3PO characters take on a life of their own, for the cartoonist, a serious approach to the development of the characters is taken to deliver Rankel’s ideas in the best possible light, in the most humoring light.

Runnin The Poirier Riddim

by Kimberley Jev

If you can’t handle hard hitting, body jerking, up tempo beats and heavy bass fused together with dancehall, kuduru, soca, afrobeat and blaring horn sounds, then you are in no way ready for the riddims Poirier has to deliver.

Pushing The Corporate Boundaries

by Kimberley Jev

Calgary lack an appreciation for creative groups pushing the boundaries of what is considered the norm. It seems as though Calgary wouldn’t know good taste if it slapped them silly.

It’s Actually Good To Be Here

by Kimberley Jev

There is always such serious talk about art and artists in the city as if magic could happen overnight, while it is true that funding of the arts must be discussed more light must be shed on artists using other avenues to promote and sell work.

When Diva’s Become Hustlers.

by Kimberley Jev

A fire breathing diva who still knows how to love, tough but sweet and loved by the president Obama and his wife as was seen at the recent inauguration of America's first African American president.

Sneaker’s Delight

by Kimberley Jev

The gallery style store are known for their exclusive rights to carry certain shoes causing sneaker enthusiasts from all parts of the city to camp out in front of their stores to get their hands on the latest gear.

The Gamers Rythmn Heaven: Nintendo DSi

by Kimberley Jev

The Nintendo is so effortless to control that it has been reported that the Queen of England herself indulges in a little Nintendo now and then.