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by The Macleod

..with my best jogging pants and my Wildcats sneakers on I was dressed for success. I hit the neighbourhood streets with nothing more than a bowlful of pinecones and a pocketful of dreams. I would be the next great Canadian success story.

Military Service

by The Macleod

Forget the drunken driving charge from 1976, his refusal to deny having tried any illegal drugs prior to 1974, or the talk of insider trading in the late 1980s. Bush’s military record puts them all to shame in painting a picture of an unfit and criminal president..

The Osbournes

by The Macleod

Hearing people tell each other to fuck off may have been pretty risqué when I was six, but I can just wait until Christmas dinner with my family to hear it now..

CNN Under Fire

by The Macleod

Crossfire implies that Americans must make a choice between the two political parties. Unfortunately with these parties it seems like a clear-cut case of pick your poison..

The Stolen World of Cartoons

by The Macleod

..Time to gather your quilt, shuffle to the kitchen, pour a bowl of cereal containing one part Shreddies, two parts sugar, and park your 70lb. ass in front of the TV for the next five hours for a morning of glorious cartoon heaven…

On Not Giving In

by The Macleod

…I’m going to see the world and not be roped into the suburban prison of mowing lawns and fighting early morning commutes. Leave that to the middle-agers…

Mike Bullard – A Tragedy in Three Acts

by The Macleod

…I can’t think of a single person I know who considers this man funny and yet there he is, night after night, telling jokes to what appears to be a crowd of mildly retarded Torontonian yokels…

Shifty Beards

by The Macleod

…But on some other level, don’t they just creep you out? Think about it. Sure, they can be heroic and virtuous, but whether its grower intends it or not, it’s a de facto mask…