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    • Interview: Skalpel

      by R4NT

      Marcin and Igor have been digging in the crates, trying to build the most exciting collection of samples from Polish Jazz records..

    • Zen RMX: Remix Retrospective

      by David Gluzman

      Who would have thought that an Ex-art teacher (Jonathan More) and a computer programmer (Matt Black) would have started a creation back in the late 80’s that would revolutionize some of biggest artists of the 1990’s? This duo, formally referred to as Coldcut put out some serious madness before launching their sushi madden Japanese …

    • Zen CD: A Retrospective

      by David Gluzman

      What have the ninja’s at Ninjatune been upto for the past decade or so? Since their conception by Jonathan More and Matt black (most know these guys as Coldcut) back in the early 1990’s, there has been a huge cult following and a reputation for finding some of most amazing talent available on the …


      by MaxPower

      Are you a serious executive who wants a futuristic lunch sack and has no time for 80’s retro-chic? The ‘Silver Orb Lunch Box Tote’ may be just what you need to cure the PB&J blues. Or try out the NYC kitsch look with your own ‘Chinese Take-Out’ Lunch box/Bag – you’ll swear you’re in an episode of Friends!

    • In Flames – Reroute to Remain

      by Crom

      All things known to man have gone through two questions by everyone, What is it? And why should I care? And this album was no different when I was first told of it. I thought “ah yeah, another Soil, another metal head loud mouthed band”. Quick! Diverge from this thought and hearken back to three …

    • Bachelor Chow

      by Wartank

      Pick your meat.. I generally stick with chicken or beef because it fries up real easy and heck I must be part black cause I dig that fried chicken..

    • Crom’s Letter to the Editor of Cosmopolitan

      by Crom

      .your magazine being so obviously targeted at women in the early twenties to late forties, it begs the question, what could I, a 25 year old Male Canadian really have to say about Cosmo..

    • Who Will Watch The Watchers?

      by MaxPower

      I suggest that the ability to present differing viewpoints is a hallmark of an open society, but that shouldn’t give journalists a free pass to make up ‘facts’ that they think may possibly, in some sense be correct..

    • Interview: Magneto (From Xmen)

      by Crom

      His pragmatic view of previous human encounters with his mutant brethren, this leader of current dark underground believes that humanity isn’t capable of dealing with him and his kind, ladies and gentlemen, today’s interview is with… Magneto!

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