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Thought Piece: Eating

by Wartank

It wasn’t a sexually charged event. She simply radiated culture and elegance in a way I had never been exposed to..

Bachelor Chow

by Wartank

Pick your meat.. I generally stick with chicken or beef because it fries up real easy and heck I must be part black cause I dig that fried chicken..

Alien – Directors Cut

by Wartank

In the oppressive darkness, two grungy spacesuits carefully lower a third into the bowels of the alien ship. He is suspended temporarily in mid-air inside a cavernous room. The alien walls are ribbed as though alive; a raised backbone-walkway snakes along the base, towards the interminable distance. The explorer is deposited, gingerly, there. A pale, …

Powerpuff Girls – The Movie

by Wartank

Here is a story of how great things come in small packages – I’m speaking both of the teensy size of the movie’s namesake ass-kickers as well as the densely packed cinematic artifice. The Powerpuff girls are pint sized but immensely powerful, and the movie is barely 70 minutes long but is effectively a challenge …

Star Wars – Attack of the Clones

by Wartank

One thing I can say is that I was certainly quite surprised coming out of Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.
I was surprised that the title, shunned for years by nerds worldwide, was actually quite fitting in describing this confused, high-tech A/V hack job, frankensteined from 10 vastly superior films, and carrying no …


by Wartank

…let’s face it, even the truly, purely, beautiful inside-and-out women in this world think their ass is too fat…

Movie: Artificial Intelligence

by Wartank

Artificial Intelligence
A.I. is the creative collaboration of two cinematic masters. Stanley Kubrick wrestled with its development for eight years, finally turning the reins over to Steven Spielberg to realize his dream when it was obvious that he could not. Kubrick’s movies are easily identifiable, and this one is no exception. However, it is arguably Spielberg’s …