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    • Old Skool Movie Review: The Natural

      by Crom

      Old Skool Movie Review
      This months classic: The Natural
      The American pastime: Baseball. There have been countless movies about the game, and the history of players fiction and otherwise. Few of them are worth watching, or even writing about, but the one that stands out amongst them all is this one. More then a movie about baseball, …

    • Halo (Xbox)

      by Crom & D4V

      D4V: We finally got our dirty fingers on a super crazy all black big hype X-Box during the holidays. Thusly it seems fit that we review the main title available for this M$ console… Halo.
      Crom: Much hype has surrounded Halo, since Bungie announced the game almost 2 and a half years ago. …

    • Music: The Avalanches – Since I Left You

      by robNtime

      The Emperor’s New Clothes?
      The Avalanches sure have been getting some good promotion- there has already been write-ups on this Australian five man DJ team in Mixer, Urb, Spin, and Rolling Stone. Everyone seems to be praising “Since I Left You” for its cut-and-paste production; critics are proclaiming the Avalanches as a fresh new postmodern sound …

    • Originality, the forgotten lore

      by Crom

      …It seems that anytime a movie deviates from the expected outcome, it’s considered a marvel of cinematography…

    • Radar Zone

      by David Gluzman

      …Theses stealthy bastards camp out in undercover cop cars tagging speedsters while having a nap or chewing on a donut. God I hate photo radar…

    • Pains, Trains and Other Disasters

      by MaxPower

      …These people often only have the experience of taking inter-city trains and compared to commuter trains it is like comparing driving a car to riding a horse in the rain, and the horse has a broken leg, and its cold outside, and the horse is dead…

    • What Loose Change Might Lead To

      by Hutchinson

      …I have some concerns about the organization that are possibly being too easily dismissed by incoherent moms and dads who strap this familiar orange unicef box around their child’s neck without thinking what the money raised might be used for…

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