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    • Funki Porcini – Fast Asleep

      by David Gluzman

      Abstract lounge down tempo from one of the greats. Now in his 4th release we get an extra special treat of an included full length DVD with just as amazing visuals to compliment Mr. Porcini’s incredibly deep music.
      “An excellent listening album. This kind of album, which features sublime changes an moods, is extremely …

    • Xbox Live

      by David Gluzman

      $80 for headset/mic combo combined with 2 game demos and an online subscription model that doesn’t even tell me how much it will cost when the free year of xbox live is over. Ahh.. Good ol’ Microsoft.
      Crack the package open with a soldering iron then proceed to revert back to your days of building Lego …

    • Bloodshot SkEyes

      by Crom

      Your equilibrium is shot, muscle control is gone and you can barely remember why you did this to yourself in the first place. That’s right campers, you got the hangover..

    • Predictions 2003

      by David Gluzman

      Here are some predictions that I’m making up purely on a spur of the moment whim..

    • What’s Up With This Weather?

      by MaxPower

      Basically its all blamed on humans because we can’t predict weather 24 hours in advance let alone weeks or years. All we have is historical data. And if you live in the ‘New World’ maybe you have 150 years of historical weather data, if your lucky. More often than not, people are basing what is ‘normal’ on 0.00000003% of the Earth’s history..

    • The United States of America can kiss my ass

      by Crom

      the American people elected a fucking cowboy to office. They put their fate into the hands of a man I wouldn’t trust with an elastic gun. A man who had the temerity to state he didn’t discount the possibility of using nuclear weapons against countries that have weapons of mass destruction..

    • The Osbournes

      by The Macleod

      Hearing people tell each other to fuck off may have been pretty risqué when I was six, but I can just wait until Christmas dinner with my family to hear it now..

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