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    • The Gamers Rythmn Heaven: Nintendo DSi

      by Kimberley Jev

      The Nintendo is so effortless to control that it has been reported that the Queen of England herself indulges in a little Nintendo now and then.

    • Cork Fine Wine Tasting Series featuring Argyle Wines

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Argyle Wines has been called by Wine Spectator as “Oregon’s Premier Winery” and routinely receives ratings in the 90 + rating levels from its critics.

    • Calgary Hearts Dubya

      by Gordon McDowell

      The lecture circuit is an alluring mistress. She doesn’t care about your past deeds, only that you have fame. Success and failure are one in the same to her, so long as either is massive in scale.

    • Dining in Paros, Greece: Sho-Sho

      by Jaymi Newington

      Wine, bread, appetizer entrée all arrived in such perfect succession that it was obvious that these owners are just as excited for you to taste their delectable creations as you are to taste them. Another nice treat was the large selection of exclusively local wines that this restaurant stocks with a description of where in the country they come from.

    • Spore

      by Ian Harding

      I very quickly found that designing my own elements was more tedious than enjoyable. It got to the point where I would put a block, a window, and a door, and click save just so that I could move on with the game.

    • GTA IV: Rockstar’s series grows up a bit

      by Carolyn Petit

      This is not the immoral or amoral story some people loudly accuse it of being. On the contrary. Like all good crime fiction, it is a deeply moral story, a story of choices and consequences. The plot moves at a slower, more deliberate pace than those of the other GTA games..

    • Halo 3 – The Biggest Video Game in History?

      by MaxPower

      In any scope of the entertainment world $125 million is big dollars. Major motion pictures gross $125 million plus, but most after weeks in the theaters. Why has the Halo 3 franchise seen so much success?

    • Game: Pokemon Pearl

      by Mike Morier

      I must confess. I’ve never before been compelled to “catch them all” (though I am a firm believer in the practice of “captcha them all” – because your Ugly Betty discussion board is no place for bots and spammers).

    • Game: Hotel Dusk Room 215

      by Mike Morier

      From check-in to checkout, the story unfolds much like an interactive novel (and in keeping with that, you play the game by tilting your DS sideways like a book), with a variety of fairly rich characters and environments. Mysteries abound and it’s up to you to solve them.

    • Gears of War: Previewed at X’06

      by MaxPower

      Everything was swaying and moving in a realistic manner, pretty impressive as it was a movie element which was integrated into the gameplay. It is also obvious that Epic and Microsoft were trying to build this into a movie type game, with dramatic horror elements..

    • Viva Piñata: A Game Previewed at X’06

      by Beauty

      The main purpose of the game is to create a unique fantasy world that will attract colourful piñatas to live. This concept reminded me of games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon as each structure and feature of the world is placed and built by the player, right down to miniscule details such as the terrain of the land.

    • Mario Hoops 3 on 3

      by Mike Morier

      Who knew that the Shyguy was such a baller? Bad enough that he and his ilk will show you up time and time again on the race track, but now you’ll have to suffer the indignity of having him score on you from half-court. If you can handle that, than this may be the game for you.

    • Are Wii Experiencing A PS3 360?

      by MaxPower

      Now luxury items have a place in the market. If they didn’t there wouldn’t be Ferraris or Prada or Gucci. However, it is very hard to establish the type of brand value to be seen as a luxury good.

    • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

      by MaxPower

      I won’t go on to catalogue the reasons why I think this game is one of the best I have played to date. No, I will focus on constructive criticism on the parts of the game that could be improved.

    • Can you buy an Xbox?

      by MaxPower

      There is a fine line between product scarcity to drive buzz and product scarcity that is bad enough that it doesn’t allow people to actually buy one. Microsoft is well into the latter.

    • X’05 – The Canadian Preview of the Xbox 360

      by MaxPower

      I walked up on a guy playing Peter Jackson’s King Kong and in all honesty I thought he was chatting with a rep while a cut scene was going on as the graphics were so clear.

    • Age of Empires III

      by MaxPower

      The colonial setting and the ability to fight over North and South America makes for interesting situations, but the fact that they just kind of lumped Canada in with the greater U.S. areas like “The Rockies” kind of miffed me.

    • Interview with Ryan Bidan from Microsoft

      by R4NT

      When thinking of what to do to keep the game fresh while maintaining the look and feel of an Age game, the development team looked at what worked and what didn’t work with previous franchise releases.

    • Sony PSP

      by Dijita

      Personally I was excited to get my hands on the new Sony PSP. So on March 24th I was like a little kid opening up the box of my brand new Sony PSP. Was it worth it?

    • Knights of the Old Republic II

      by MaxPower

      Well maybe you are perpetuating that guy’s ability to live a life of “weakness”, perhaps he would have been better off getting a little beating to teach him a lesson. Maybe you should administer the beating.

    • Syberia II

      by Beauty

      I’ve kept a special place in my heart for good old-fashioned adventure games. Finally I had the opportunity to play one of these games on the Xbox when Syberia II was released, and it is sure to appeal to fans of the genre.

    • Interview with Microids Canada

      by R4NT

      For those readers who aren’t familiar with the name, Microids is a Canadian developer of video games. One of the more recent games that has been published by Microids Canada is Syberia II.

    • World of Warcraft

      by Dijita

      The nice thing is that it is set up in such a way that you do not NEED to put in hour long Marathons to actually progress in the game.

    • Xbox Live: Generation Next

      by MaxPower

      The combination of playing on Xbox Live and obtaining stats via the internet and it is undoubtedly a great cross-functional media paradigm.

    • Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusades

      by MaxPower

      A strategic action game of epic scale, with cutting-edge 3-D graphics, 100+ missions, Xbox Live functionality and pulse pounding combat scenes.

    • Tron 2.0: Killer App vs. Tron the Movie

      by MaxPower

      A little cut scene to set the stage, followed by the developer’s credits rolling exactly how you would see them in a theatre.

    • Zoo Tycoon

      by Beauty

      For the most part, the game was what I expected, but there were many new features and surprises that should keep gamers interested.

    • R4NT Game Giveaway!

      by R4NT

      We are lucky enough to be able to hand out a friendly draw to R4NT readers this month with a Game Giveaway!

    • New on Xbox This Xmas

      by Beauty

      We had the opportunity to preview some great Xbox games that are being released this holiday season. Check the forums for more info!

    • Star Wars Battlefront for Xbox

      by MaxPower

      Battlefront is an action/shooter game that gives gamers the opportunity to re-live and participate in all of the classic Star Wars battles.

    • Game Spotlight: Fable for Xbox

      by Beauty

      Fable has aimed for new heights of realism, as they introduce the ability to start a family, acquire real estate and tattoos, and much more.

    • X’04

      by MaxPower

      X’04 was held in mid-August in the trendy Sound Emporium nightclub located in Toronto’s entertainment district and we were there.

    • Transformers (PS2)

      by Obsidian

      Essentially your goal is to find all of these little guys and use them to help you kick the Decepticons shiny metal butts..

    • Manhunt (PS2)

      by Dijita

      The last thing you remember is being on death row lying on the steel table waiting the lethal injection. Now you wake up to find yourself in a room, dizzy and short of breath. An eerie voice booms through the intercom, “You’re not dead… yet… do as I say, make it through the night and …

    • Advanced Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

      by Haren

      My initial reasoning for buying a Game Boy Advance was for two reasons. First, that my OLD Game Boy (which now rests peacefully within my bedroom closet) was finally revealing to me the formerly hidden “wrinkles of age” (literally) etched across its ancient screen. Second, I was most interested in the original ‘Advance Wars’.

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