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    • Scary Movie 3

      by Terence Leung

      I’m a big fan of dookie jokes. Just love them. Dick and fart jokes too. Pee jokes are just as good. Oh, and don’t forget boobie jokes. I love boobie jokes, mostly because I love boobies and when they make jokes about boobies it just adds to the overall experience.
      So, enter Scary Movie 3. One …

    • Alexkid – Mint

      by David Gluzman

      There is no question good dance music comes from France… …do ‘Daft Punk’ or, ‘St.Germain’ ring a bell? Well it’s been a hard time coming to find this latest gem of an album from ‘Alexkid’ (who you guessed it, is from France).
      Mint is his second full fledged release following up his previous album “Bienvendia”. His …

    • Digital Camera: Sony CyberShot DSC-P10

      by MaxPower

      I’ve entered the world of digital photography! Oh I know what you’re thinking, how could the chic and incredibly trendy Nixon only getting a digicam now? What can I say, I was a first mover with the whole CD burning craze but have been slow on the digital photography revolution. Actually, I …

    • Hiatus

      by Crom

      I’ll now endeavor to be one of those specials they have on day time talk shows where I need to be moved out of my home via forklift, and I have bedsores from years passed..

    • Zen and The Art of Getting Candy

      by Anhedonia & Crom

      You need the likes of “Rockets” those rolls of little Tums-like candy’s that must have been a compressed pill of pure sugar, 4 or 5 of those in you and it would take 10 cc’s of thorazine to put you to sleep..

    • Governor General for What?

      by MaxPower

      I can, and have, made a strong case in the past that the democratically elected government of Canada doesn’t speak for a majority of the population so how could an appointed ex-CBC journalist who has made a career of hobnobbing with the cultural literati speak for the average Canadian?

    • Ride Me

      by Dijita

      Gas prices are stupidly expensive these days, and with the high insurance rates, taking the bus can seem like a good alternative. Heck, its getting to the point where paying a cab fare is probably more worth while than driving your own car..

    • More Hotness from Big Dada

      by Big Dada

      Time to check out the latest releases from the label recently described in Bang magazine as “releasing the most consistently fascinating British records of our generation”.

    • Chungking – Let The Love In

      by Tummy Touch

      Bastions of cool, purveyors of the finest in sweet soul music and possessors of one of this country’s finest female voices, Chungking follow their exquisite debut album ‘We Travel Fast’ with the blissed out new single ‘Let The Love In’.

    • LateNightTales – Jamiroquai

      by Woah Music & Azuli Records

      The AnotherLateNight and LateNightTales compilation series have sold by the bucketload and seen mixes from the likes of Groove Armada, Zero 7 and Sly & Robbie. Now they present their biggest artist yet: Jamiroquai. In his first ever mix album Jay takes you on a fluid journey through the twilight hours, showcasing his inspirations, his favourites and artists he likes to take his hat off to.

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