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    • How to play Blackjack (and Win)

      by Beauty

      My basic strategy was to hit, or ask for additional cards, whenever my sum was 16 or less, and to stand on a 17 or above. I never realized that there was so much more to the game..

    • Canada – Best Dressed at the Olympics

      by MaxPower

      Since the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino are less than two months away, I wanted to check out the latest crop of Canadiana wear.

    • Aqua

      by Pamela Hruska

      I was out for dinner the other day, and believe it or not, the latest up and coming for fine dining will be a water list. That’s right, not the wine list, the water list.

    • Bono Asks for debt relief

      by Gordon McDowell

      They can’t afford to provide a decent education to their children. We’re calling on the leaders of China and Japan to please forgive some of the US debt.

    • Predictions 2006

      by Maxpower & D4V

      Loyal readers of R4NT will know that for the past couple of years D4V and I have teamed up to predict and prognosticate on the trends which will impact the next year.

    • Best of 2005

      by Adrian Bryksa

      The city itself is huge with tons of interesting architecture and sights to see, but the best thing I found was that it was warm and humid and the people were so friendly there.

    • How to Receive Both Infrared and Visible Light

      by Gordon McDowell

      As the little grey men walk across the scorched surface of our planet, I shall witness their approach… by monitoring the INFRARED SPECTRUM.

    • The Real Canadian Fighting Potion Pt.1

      by Crom

      No way out. He sighed, and began reading the case notes for the blue sheet, trying to discover how an object no more dangerous then a hacky-sack had killed someone.

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