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    • Manhunt (PS2)

      by Dijita

      The last thing you remember is being on death row lying on the steel table waiting the lethal injection. Now you wake up to find yourself in a room, dizzy and short of breath. An eerie voice booms through the intercom, “You’re not dead… yet… do as I say, make it through the night and …

    • SeaBiscuit

      by MaxPower

      I watched this movie from the cozy confines of 35,000 feet, on a flight that was two hours late due to weather and mechanical difficulties. What would adequately describe my state of mind? Bored – and in need of distraction, SeaBiscuit was it. It was either that or re-read the in-flight magazine. Starring Toby Maguire …

    • Zen tv DVD

      by David Gluzman

      Ninja Tune Music Video Compilation
      Let me start by saying the following: There is simply no better DVD music compilation worth buying in 2004 than this.
      Are you kidding? What do you expect from Ninjatune, one of the most consistent music labels over the past decade. As you could have gathered from past DVD reviews of both …

    • The .ini-way to hell

      by Crom

      Musicmatch sucks more then a vacu-flo, and with less usefulness around the house. Like so many companies they thought that they needed to reengineer the way that music is organized and played..

    • The Paperless Endeavor

      by David Gluzman

      What’s an office without a forest of paper trails? What’s a purchase without a receipt? What’s a visit to the washroom without.. well um.. Actually let’s not go that far. I’m going paperless…

    • Designer Drugs?

      by MaxPower

      Normal people living normal lives will be able to enhance their psychological well-being by popping a ‘chill pill’. You can have one personality for your work life – concentrated and business-like – and another for Friday and Saturday night..

    • I wrote a book in high school

      by Crom

      I’ll write something so awesome it will cave in my skull with its greatness and I’ll spend 13 months in ICU before being discharged as a homecare vegetable.

    • Holiday Drinks

      by Silenced Scream

      Well I’m back with another installment to my most likely ongoing series of how to get drunk on things that taste better than Lysol..

    • Honey

      by Just Music

      From the pioneering simplicity of their electronic roots, Honeyroot’s Glenn Gregory (H17) and Keith Lowndes have created Sound Echo Location – a beautifully crafted album which blends contemporary electronica with real instruments and vocals.

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