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    • Cerys Matthews – Cockahoop

      by Terence Leung

      Welsh nurse, Catalan-speaking, barfly busker, little known indie-pop singer, excess, alcohol, drugs, Catatonia frontwoman, “fastrisinglagersoakedriproaringpoptart”, undisputed queen of mid-90’s brit-pop, fights, tours, money, parties, inexplicable yet inescapable duet with Tom Jones..

    • Drink: Absolut Vanilla

      by MaxPower

      On May 27, 2003, Absolut, the oh-so-trendy flavoured vodka maker announced the North American launch of its newest product ‘Absolut Vanilla’ and yours truly was at the official Canadian launch party, representing R4NT to sample the new wares. After the ground breaking smash Coca-Cola has on its hand with Vanilla Coke this new …

    • Xmen 2

      by Obsidian

      Over the past decade or so, movie properties based on comic books have become one of the hottest things going. Some of us have been reading comics long enough to remember when we could only hope that some of these great characters would ever be brought to life on the big screen. In the summer …

    • Summer Chillin’

      by Silenced Scream

      Well the sun’s shining, and if you know me at all thats just another excuse to drink. So here’s a few recipes that oughta’ cool you down…

    • Sin City

      by Crom

      The rampant gambling infection, in every nook and cranny, lends some seediness to places that would be alright, if they didn’t have some vacant eyed grandma, blowing her life savings, sitting right next to you..

    • Ugly sticks

      by Steve McGrath

      I am already thinking about some way to engage in conversation with her. Just one more test. The Seinfeld 30 sec rule. If she looks at you 3 times in 30 secs she is interested…

    • I’m a Mad Cow

      by MaxPower

      Here is my study: 100% of the people who have cancer drink water. Thus water causes cancer. FOOLS…

    • SARS-castic: an Audio R4NT

      by Crom

      If they’ve been worshipping their TV so much that they wear the mask in the first place, haven’t they been convinced by Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the news elite, that SARS is impervious to anti-bodies, leaps tall buildings in a single bound, and can infect you by knowledge of the virus alone…

    • An Illustrated Guide to Playing Guitar Like a Lazy Person

      by Terence Leung

      Why actually learn to play the solo in Metallica’s “One”, when you can imagine yourself playing it with a tennis racquet in front of a mirror?

    • Acid Jazz Records & Pleasurebeach

      by Acid Jazz Records

      On behalf of Acid Jazz Records, below you will find all the ‘direct to file’ hyperlinks to full-length audio streams (in both Real Audio & Windows Media) of all tracks on the single ‘Out Of The Blues’ by PLEASUREBEACH…

    • Big Dada Videos and Sounds

      by Big Dada

      Big Dada – “the most progressive British hip hop label ever” – (The Fader, NY). From UK acts of the calibre of Roots Manuva and Ty, through to US artists like Mike Ladd, Saul Williams, Big Jus and Abstract Rude, to Paris Underground legends TTC, the label has represented its own unique take on underground hip hop for six years

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