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    • Insomnia (Movie)

      by 4CS

      The film was slow… with little drama.
      What’s worse, you have seen all the clichés in this film many times over. Let’s review: our hero, played by Al Pacino, is a decorated cop whose rep is on the line. Swank plays the rookie who has “followed EVERY case…” of our hero. The cop who accidentally (?) …

    • Fubar (The Movie)

      by David Gluzman

      Just Give’r.
      Sweet, a movie about head-bangers that shotgun cans of Pilsner. What else would you want to see in a low budget movie depicting some white trash in Calgary.
      Having seen Terry (Dave Lawrence) act out several times at the Loose Moose theater, I was greatly anticipating the release of this movie. I first heard about …

    • Old Skool Movie Review: The Natural

      by Crom

      Old Skool Movie Review
      This months classic: The Natural
      The American pastime: Baseball. There have been countless movies about the game, and the history of players fiction and otherwise. Few of them are worth watching, or even writing about, but the one that stands out amongst them all is this one. More then a movie about baseball, …

    • Old Skool Movie Review: Sneakers

      by Crom

      Old Skool Movie Review
      This months classic: Sneakers
      For the most part, movies involving computer hacking or the use of computers, grossly over visualize the hacking process. Such debacles as “hackers” and “swordfish” have given plenty of examples thereof. However, true to its origins, while not being overly nerdy, Sneakers was a movie that could deliver the …

    • Old Skool Movie Review: Rambo II

      by Crom

      Old Skool Movie Review
      This months classic: RAMBO First Blood Part II
      There are few people over the age of 15 that haven’t seen this movie. It embodies the classic 80’s action movie template. From it’s outrageous premise, to the ludicrous over-use of explosions, Rambo 2 was the trademark action blockbuster. The concept that an ex-special forces, …

    • Movie: Artificial Intelligence

      by Wartank

      Artificial Intelligence
      A.I. is the creative collaboration of two cinematic masters. Stanley Kubrick wrestled with its development for eight years, finally turning the reins over to Steven Spielberg to realize his dream when it was obvious that he could not. Kubrick’s movies are easily identifiable, and this one is no exception. However, it is arguably Spielberg’s …

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