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    • Sónar 2010 – Barcelona, Spain

      by Jon Freer

      The festival attracts a lot of outsiders, but the Mediterranean, Spanish and more specifically Catalan nature of the people makes the festival what it is. Catalan people are passionate and this passion is infectious. The atmosphere is electric in Barcelona as a city and heightened by music and intoxicants at Sónar.

    • Summer Party Naval Styles at Seven RestoLounge

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Oysters, like wine are affected by terroir and these Miyagi’s flavor profiles ranged with one showing a cleaner, almost tropical profile and the other being more salty, marine driven. As I was devouring the seemingly endless plates put in front of us, I sipped on a glass of fine sauvignon blanc.

    • Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival 2009

      by Adrian Bryksa

      For the first few years, we saw it through the eyes of guests and we kept coming for the wide assortment of beers, spirits and wine. We enjoyed the wide swath of restaurants and retails showing off their samples of delectable nosh.

    • Calgary’s Low Carbon Future

      by Gordon McDowell

      Calgary’s Low Carbon Future – Live coverage of keynote speakers. How will Calgary address the challenges of an economy being dragged kicking and screaming towards a lower carbon footprint?

    • Cork Fine Wine Tasting Series featuring Argyle Wines

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Argyle Wines has been called by Wine Spectator as “Oregon’s Premier Winery” and routinely receives ratings in the 90 + rating levels from its critics.

    • Calgary Hearts Dubya

      by Gordon McDowell

      The lecture circuit is an alluring mistress. She doesn’t care about your past deeds, only that you have fame. Success and failure are one in the same to her, so long as either is massive in scale.

    • CSN Wine and Spirits: Bordeaux Bonanza

      by Adrian Bryksa

      There are certain feelings of anticipation that come over a person when they are given the opportunity to try wines deemed perfect by world experts.

    • Still feisty and still charming

      by Gen Handley

      Feist was as playful and entertaining as ever, swooning through a long list of songs from her two albums including a jazzy version of Inside and Out, which was introduced as a cover of Guns and Roses’ November Rain to invoke a sea of waving lighters and cell phones.

    • Gems at a Christie’s Auction

      by MaxPower

      Obviously not everyone can or would choose to spend into six or seven digits (or four or five for that matter) for a piece of art, however by viewing the pieces that come up for auction one can get a better understanding of how and why art is priced.

    • 2008 Olympic Medals Per Capita

      by MaxPower

      As a Canadian, whenever I watch the Olympics I always compare our performance to that of the US. Of course, Canada will never compete on a medal for medal basis with the Americans and indeed the recent Beijing Summer Olympics has made it appear that the globe is currently in a dual-pole medal universe revolving around China and the US.

    • MSTRKRFT with the Small Town DJ’s

      by Adrian Bryksa

      These two chaps are technicians as evidenced by their ripping through their superbly crafted eclectic set. My toes were tapping and feet moving the whole time. They had some sound troubles but worked through them with ease.

    • First Time Festival Goers..

      by Jaymi Newington

      This festival is so amazing I am not entirely sure that if a written description of our experience can do this event justice. It is merely something that needs to be seen and experienced for oneself in order to gain its full appreciation!! But.. here goes nothing!

    • FAT Wreck Chords tour featuring NOFX

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Easily the highlight of the set was the tour de force rendition of "The Decline", which is one of the best punk songs ever recorded in this writers opinion. The rest of the set was sonically outstanding, until one jackass from the crowd fired a full water bottle at the lead singer..

    • Do You Guys Drive a Truck?

      by MaxPower

      I was wearing a baseball hat, perhaps that is a secret code for “I drive a truck” or something. Regardless, we at R4NT have, for the fourth year in a row, visited the Calgary Autoshow and present here the best and worst in show.

    • 2007 Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival

      by Adrian Bryksa

      They can tell the world that you are an outlaw, or let people know that you were young and dumb once and have some souvenirs to show for it. These days, they can be a lifestyle indicator or be can added as a one of a kind piece of art.

    • Calgary Folk Music Festival 2007

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Artists typically perform more than once as they may have a main stage presentation followed up by one or more side stages. It is here that many festival goers think the best performances occur, as most artists group together to jam to create something more wonderful than the sum of its parts.

    • springseven: shaking confinements

      by Pamela Hruska

      It is amazing that this sphere of electonica is constantly changing, coming up with reinvented ways of naming conventions applied to new sounds. One year later we noticed a big change in the styles and sounds we heard. It had evolved.

    • Concert: Against Me!

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Hailing from Gainesville, Florida they incorporate alt-country, folk and punk sensibilities into their approach. Forget a thoughtful address of the crowd, the only noise from the group was the familiar drum march intro and twangy Rickenbacker charge of the song ‘Pints of Guinness Make You Strong’.

    • AutoShow 2007

      by Ian Harding

      The Shelby GR-1 concept was definitely impressive, yet still similar to the GT. And the Viper, still a gas-guzzler like the others, was easily the most impressive. If I were to give any car at the show this year an award for style and presence, I’d have given it to the Viper SRT-10. That car just looks mean and awesome from all angles.

    • Gears of War: Previewed at X’06

      by MaxPower

      Everything was swaying and moving in a realistic manner, pretty impressive as it was a movie element which was integrated into the gameplay. It is also obvious that Epic and Microsoft were trying to build this into a movie type game, with dramatic horror elements..

    • Viva Piñata: A Game Previewed at X’06

      by Beauty

      The main purpose of the game is to create a unique fantasy world that will attract colourful piñatas to live. This concept reminded me of games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon as each structure and feature of the world is placed and built by the player, right down to miniscule details such as the terrain of the land.

    • A Kiss Only Sweet Lady Ink Can Bring

      by Adrian Bryksa

      I have never felt so passionate about something as to have it inked onto my body. I wanted to see if I could figure out the driver for that passion through attending the 2006 Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival.

    • Slam City Jam Slides Into Calgary

      by Aaron Glenn

      Calgary has welcomed the contest and the prize money ($100,000 this year) which is a big draw for top professionals and hungry amateurs looking to make their mark on the world scene.

    • springsix: the video

      by David Gluzman

      After almost two months, and trashing the old computer for a new one. We can finally show you what it was like for those few days in Graz. Thus here it is the last piece of the springsix series. The Video!

    • Warped Tour 2006

      by Adrian Bryksa

      They blew the house down and I do not think there was a disappointed person leaving the speedway after their set. If you are a fan of punk, metal or aggressive music in general, you need to give Rise Against a chance.

    • springsix: electronic music utopia

      by R4NT

      The combination of venues and music is what makes it electric. I can barely digest it thinking back to it. It is four filled days of perpetual events. It is huge. The list of artists and shows is extensive.

    • Auto Show 2006

      by Ian Harding

      Big rigs. Ok, as big as these trucks were, they weren’t the exciting part. No, the cars that had everyone’s attention were easily the exotics. This was the portion of the show that had all men drooling, myself easily included..

    • Olympic Predictions – R4NT Style

      by MaxPower

      As the second in a series of Olympic articles here on R4NT, I’m boldly stepping out and going to make predictions for the Canadian medal haul in the Torino Winter Olympics.

    • Canada – Best Dressed at the Olympics

      by MaxPower

      Since the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino are less than two months away, I wanted to check out the latest crop of Canadiana wear.

    • X’05 – The Canadian Preview of the Xbox 360

      by MaxPower

      I walked up on a guy playing Peter Jackson’s King Kong and in all honesty I thought he was chatting with a rep while a cut scene was going on as the graphics were so clear.

    • Autoshow or Dealership?

      by Ian Harding

      Looking passed the crowds and patiently waiting for young car-buffs to clear a path for me to get close enough for a photo, I managed to admire some of the few concept vehicles that were on display.

    • X’04

      by MaxPower

      X’04 was held in mid-August in the trendy Sound Emporium nightclub located in Toronto’s entertainment district and we were there.

    • The 2004 Eddies

      by Crom

      A night long bacchanalia honoring the submissions for TV spots and new this year: print ads all featuring Big Rock beer.

    • The Anti Anti-Top Ten Songs of the Year List – The Belated Edition

      by Terence Leung

      Here are the top ten songs of my special version of the calendar year that I like and no one else that I know likes and if they knew I liked them they wouldn’t like me anymore because I like them..

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