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    • Amon Tobin – Out From Out Where

      by David Gluzman

      Excite your senses..
      From an original Jazzy sound back with Bricolage (June 1997) Monsieur Tobin has managed to move farther (Permutation 1998) and farther (Supermodified 2000) away towards his own unique sound. His latest release is certainly no disappointment, yet shows that Amon Tobin is still growing as a musician.
      Back From Space is an amazing album …

    • V.U. – Seven Grain

      by a parallel mechanic

      Crispy, funky organic beats and treats from the Bay Area..
      As smooth as it sounds, even if it is your favorite genre, you cannot listen to studio-only produced downtempo and hip hop all the time. That is why the music from the eight piece ensemble V.U. (which stands for ‘Variable Unit’) is a breath of fresh …

    • Can You Do Something?

      by MaxPower

      MP’s get thousands of letters a year and most MPs can’t even show up to all parliamentary sittings let alone read my letter on a certain issue. Sure they have lackeys and university political science volunteers to sift through their mail, but they probably don’t care about any one letter more than the thousands of pieces of junk mail the average person gets in a year…

    • Audio R4NT

      by Crom

      We live vicariously through all these sad documentaries, while clutching hopelessly to our sense of security like a childs safety blanket. I think we’ve grown so detached from our neighbors and co-workers that we glue ourselves to the tube and witness these things in some attempt to understand them..

    • A View of Armageddon

      by MaxPower

      The force of the explosion may make a crater up to a mile wide and to a depth of one hundred feet. Millions of tons of pulverized earth, stones, buildings and other materials are drawn up into the fireball and become radioactive. Some of the heavier particles spill out around the point of explosion. The rest are sucked up into the mushroom cloud.

    • Danger T-Mobile Sidekick

      by Anil Dash

      A super geek who’s looking for a replacement for a cell phone that I hate because of its shitty UI. And everyone I know’s been hyping these things for what seems like years, to the point where I stopped reading about it because I knew I’d get sick of your toy before it was even released..

    • Grocery Shopping: A treatise on tactical espionage

      by Crom

      A place where only those with the strongest wit and fastest reflexes will survive; so to make the grocery shopping experiences of the future easier I’ve compiled several techniques for coming out on top of the food race..

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