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    • Music: The American Analog Set – Know By Heart

      by robNtime

      This young hip little band from Austin, TX had stood the test of time in the trendy inde-rock/euro-poopie pop genre. Bringing several empathetic sounds to the table, American Analog Set is a perfect band of choice for those lazy rainy afternoons or comfortably early quiet mornings. The vocals are a cross between Nick Drake and …

    • Fear and Loathing

      by Crom

      …Once you’ve reached the point where all the things you once knew have become smoke and mirrors, you have to reboot the system…

    • Saturday Morning Cartoons

      by Pamela Hruska

      …I cannot seem to reproduce the unbelievably contented feeling of waking up at 7 am on Saturday to watch my favorite cartoons…

    • Canadian Commandos – JTF 2

      by MaxPower

      …They are trained in the Canadian arctic and mountain regions, giving them a highly specialized niche in which to practice counter terrorist techniques on the world stage…

    • Day to remember

      by David Gluzman

      …After further inspection the stairs were too step to drag my stuff up it. So I decided to just look around aimlessly…

    • NHL and the Love of The Game

      by MaxPower

      …For all of hockey’s shortcomings, faults and problems, it continues to be a truly Made in Canada sport…

    • Higher Stupidity

      by TDJ

      …it’s him, asking if the lecturer can change the color of the chalk he’s using, or if he can make sure the air conditioner is on…

    • Ground control to Major Tom

      by Crom

      …I figure if you want to have true reality programming, get about 150 guys together, promise them a small appliance, and leave them in a dirt pit with nothing but Beer and Angel Dust…

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