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    • Lost in Fashion

      by David Gluzman

      …Ah yes my beloved ties… I think that word could be synonymous with management. Every time I think of a manager I think of some moron telling me what to do with a clashing tie around his eight ball…

    • The Boy who cried “Hacker!!”

      by Crom

      …I delight in knowing that I’ve bested someone on the proverbial battleground. Some may think this is a machoesque computer nerd thing, but I’d rather look on it as the way a chess master feels after a stunning victory…

    • Debunking the Myth of Global Warming

      by MaxPower

      …for humans to blame a fluctuation of decimals points of one degree Celsius on our work, vastly underestimates the sun’s effect on heating the planet. What you see in most mainstream media is mostly liberal and environmentalist propaganda constructed expressly to frighten the average person…

    • Everything was Great… till we brought the wrath of god down on ourselves.

      by Crom

      ..If we don’t start getting our heads pulled from our asses, the brimstone will be raining down on our heads, and your patented Eddie Bauer umbrella will last about as long as a gay parade in Revelstoke…

    • Bros b4 Ho’s

      by The Jerky Bastard

      …But wait, what am I saying? I should be happy for my “friend” right? I mean, he’s found a soulmate and a convenient place to make sperm deposits. Hey, they’re open on Sundays!

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