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    • Gameboy Advance SP

      by Dijita

      Two years ago I bought a Game Boy Advance just before my trip to Vegas. I figured it would provide some good entertainment while performing the ritualistic boring wait in the airport. Sure enough it did a job well done. My only complaint was that it was always hard to see the game. I always …

    • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

      by Nixon & Pele

      Nixon: What we have here is Canadian game developer here who has made such RPGs as Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights: namely BioWare Corp. based in Edmonton, Alberta. Their latest for the Xbox is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR). LucasArts had decided to contract out to BioWare to be their …

    • Climbing 101

      by Kliff

      ..what really caught your eye was the shot of the girl rock climbing. Now you desperately want to be a rock climber, but you don’t know how to get into it. Well relax, it’is really quite easy…

    • Governments and Gay Marriage

      by Steve McGrath

      ..there is thought that gay marriages destroy the sanctity of marriage. Doesn’t divorce destroy the sanctity of marriage. Perhaps that should be illegal too…

    • It’s getting hot in here

      by David Gluzman

      Since Calgary is near the mountains the weather changes faster than a busy downtown hooker changes clients. Thus weather is the number one conversation piece if you live around here…

    • Tag Team Commentary: Owen Wilson

      by Crom & D4V

      His acting is like an old mans bowel movement: Long, tiring, and on frequent occasions painful. His acting is like small children explaining income tax to a blind man, in other words it makes no sense…

    • Hi Gate

      by Incentive Music

      With several club anthems already under their belt, including 4 Top 30 hits in the UK, Hi-Gate finally unleashed their debut album earlier this year. Spread across two CDs it takes you through an epic journey with two of the best producers in dance music today. For those not in the know, Hi-Gate are international dance guru and Radio 1 DJ, JUDGE JULES along with long term, chart topping production partner, PAUL MASTERSON.

    • Peppercorn

      by Full On Entertainment

      Hyperventilating, the first single from Peppercorn’s fantastic new album ‘Barefoot’ is a summer breeze of a single – infectious, funky and uplifting. Written by Peppercorn it was created with the help of producer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Smith, who has previously worked with artists such as David Gray, Shania Twain and Robbie Williams.

    • Yomanda

      by Incentive Music

      Having recently released his Hi-Gate double album ‘Split Personality’ (created with his long-term collaborator and friend Judge Jules), London Irish producer Paul Masterson returns to his most successful solo persona YOMANDA. With successful productions including Kylie, Boy George and Geri Halliwell, Paul has now turned his hand to a rework of Ultra Nate’s 1997 Balearic anthem You’re Free.

    • Makoto

      by The Good Looking Organisation

      LTJ Bukem’s, Good Looking Organisation, is pleased to finally announce the arrival of the long awaited album, ‘Human Elements’, by the rising star from Japan, Makoto.

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