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Why I can’t play video games anymore.

by Steve McGrath

He knows all the calibres the stats magazine sizes, types of scopes manufacturers, accuracy, damage and so on. He is 8 and he is in grade 3. What do you know in grade 3? Geography? History? Math?

The Cost of War

by Steve McGrath

Almost all of these revelations occurred to me over a couple weeks driving around Abadan Iran, an area that was the center of the Iran Iraq war 18 years ago. Over a million people died in that war.

Small Peters

by Steve McGrath

Tomas is an amazing kid with a sharp mind and the curious nature of a kid. One of his favorite things to do is to ride up to a newspaper box, point and ask “hey what is in the news?”..

Iran shirt shopping

by Steve McGrath

Iranians are so happy to meet travelers. You quickly attain celebrity status. It is great, yet it is overwhelming. Everyone is so nice all of the time it is impossible to get any freedom to do anything. It sounds strange and it is..

Governments and Gay Marriage

by Steve McGrath

..there is thought that gay marriages destroy the sanctity of marriage. Doesn’t divorce destroy the sanctity of marriage. Perhaps that should be illegal too…

Love Your Computer Geek

by Steve McGrath

I look at the knowledge and education some programmers have and I am in awe at how poorly they get paid, the long hours they are expected to work..

Ugly sticks

by Steve McGrath

I am already thinking about some way to engage in conversation with her. Just one more test. The Seinfeld 30 sec rule. If she looks at you 3 times in 30 secs she is interested…

Tourist vs. Traveler

by Steve McGrath

Well intentioned and inspired as I might consider myself. I am still a tourist. I take photos of everywhere I go. I visit the beautiful places. I see some of the other places, I meet locals but I can not become a one..