Articles by Obsidian:

Transformers (PS2)

by Obsidian

Essentially your goal is to find all of these little guys and use them to help you kick the Decepticons shiny metal butts..

Prince – Musicology

by Obsidian

I was happy to hear a return of the slinky funk-oriented grooves on Musicology, compared to the preachy and unlistenable Rainbow Children

Jim Brynes – Fresh Horses

by Obsidian

Most of the regular readers of r4nt will have never heard of Jim Byrnes but I’m willing to bet you’ve probably seen or heard him on TV. His most recognizable role was probably as Joe Dawson on the Vancouver-based Highlander series, and he has also done numerous commercial and cartoon voice-overs such as Inferno in …

Xmen 2

by Obsidian

Over the past decade or so, movie properties based on comic books have become one of the hottest things going. Some of us have been reading comics long enough to remember when we could only hope that some of these great characters would ever be brought to life on the big screen. In the summer …

Black Label Society – 1919 Eternal

by Obsidian

A lot of fans and critics alike lauded Ozzy’s latest album “Down to Earth” as his heaviest record ever. I would have to say that this has little to do with the bat-biting madman, and everything to do with Zakk Wylde’s input in the songwriting. “1919 Eternal” is the third album from Black Label Society …

FIFA – Why the Hell Should I Care?

by Obsidian

..Even the CBC is running games, which is something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime from the Toronto-is-the-centre-of-the-Universe network..

Communication is Key

by Obsidian

..My friend and I are no longer friends because I became angry in regards to her behavior, lack of communication and lack of respect for my feelings

Post University “Life”

by Obsidian

The day finally arrives when you complete your last exam and promptly head to the nearest bar to celebrate by drinking until you can’t walk straight, then drinking some more…

Uneven Field

by Obsidian

…hell if it were a game in the local casino there’s a good bet that you’d be passing it up for something that offered better chance of winning…