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    • Ladies and Gentlemen of the House.

      by Crom

      …In their 1969, Charger, painted orange with the confederate flag on the top, and named “The General Lee” they raced, burned, jumped, peeled, rocketed, cannon balled and buffed out…

    • N’SYNC? Bigger than Jesus?

      by Terence Leung

      …2.2 million copies! 2.2 MILLION copies! In 2 days! What kind of God-loving creature would buy it? Where do these people come from?…

    • Bill and Ted’s bogus journey

      by Crom

      …Everything is in blackout, we have no clue what’s around us, I just know charlie’s up ahead somewhere and that we’re gonna take care of him right good…

    • Air Canada Sucks

      by MaxPower

      …the plane was a A340, however, it must have been stripped by a gang when it landed in NYC or LAX, because not only was the plane absent of any technological advantages…

    • The long road home.

      by Crom

      …Rage helped. Rage always does; it’s a powerful fuel. When you’re that angry you find it possible to do things that, moments before you were too lazy or tired or drunk to even attempt…

    • Casket Royale

      by The Lotus Queen

      …There was even a scandal about it alleging that it was selling porn right out on the shelves with all the other movies. Or letting minors into that curtained off area it had. Or something…

    • Shiny Happy Colors

      by David Gluzman

      …Deciding to look for inspiration elsewhere such as a book comes to mind. Falling asleep is normally the consequence of taking a book into my hands…

    • Shifty Beards

      by The Macleod

      …But on some other level, don’t they just creep you out? Think about it. Sure, they can be heroic and virtuous, but whether its grower intends it or not, it’s a de facto mask…

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