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    • What the Squash?

      by Pamela Hruska

      After falling head over heels for butternut squash (I think it looks like beaker off the Muppets without facial characteristics), I moved into exploring the rest of the squash bin!

    • Christmas Cookie Extravaganza

      by Beauty

      This year in celebration of the season (and Martha Stewart being out of jail) we’re going to bake Chocolate Cloud cookies and Lemon Slice squares.

    • Sammiches

      by Dijita

      The stomach is grumbling and you can’t ignore the call. You need to refuel with something that’s not going to go right through you like some kid on a waterslide. The answer is simple… sammiches.

    • Christmas Cookie Extravaganza 2004

      by Beauty

      Baking is fun! Didn’t your mother ever tell you that? The first recipe is super easy so even noobies should be able to get it right.

    • Bachelor Chow

      by Wartank

      Pick your meat.. I generally stick with chicken or beef because it fries up real easy and heck I must be part black cause I dig that fried chicken..

    • Holiday Drinks

      by Silenced Scream

      Well I’m back with another installment to my most likely ongoing series of how to get drunk on things that taste better than Lysol..

    • Summer Chillin’

      by Silenced Scream

      Well the sun’s shining, and if you know me at all thats just another excuse to drink. So here’s a few recipes that oughta’ cool you down…

    • Christmas Recipies

      by Beauty

      This year I got smart and raided my mom’s cook books for my favorite recipes. If any of you get the urge to create something this month, these are sure to please.

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