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    • The 40 Year old Virgin

      by Carolyn Petit

      Andy Stitzer, played brilliantly by Steve Carell, the movie gives us a guy who has understandable reasons for ending up where he is; a sweet, charming, funny, vaguely sad guy we can’t help but root for.

    • 2006 Wheels

      by Ian Harding

      With over fifty returning models and just as many new models ready to set their mark, here is a sneak peak into what is up coming on the road ahead for 2006.

    • Why I wish I was back in School

      by Gordon McDowell

      If students need to research background information, student resources are available on the web, including the student drug fact sheets, Lowdown About Marijuana and Lowdown About Inhalants.

    • CBC vs. BBC

      by MaxPower

      My take on the value of the CBC as a portal for Canadians when compared to the BBC is that we are paying approximately 1/4 of what taxpayers in Britain are paying for and getting no where near one-quarter the value.

    • Crom Interviews Serpentor

      by Crom

      A notorious leader of hundred of battle hardened zealots Born from the genetic material of some of histories greatest conquerors and the twisted genius of Dr. Mindbender.

    • Ninja Tune’s Summer of Love

      by Ninja Tune

      On behalf of our friends at the hub of indie cool we know as Ninja Tune, here you have a little media bounty, which includes four full length audio streams and the free tru-tones for each of the songs for you to enjoy

    • James Blunt

      by Atlantic Records

      The onetime British army captain, who served stints as a peacekeeper in Kosovo and guard at Buckingham Palace, is now preparing to conquer the US with his sublime songs and chillingly emotive live performances.

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