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    • The Royal Tyrell Museum

      by Ian Harding

      There are dinosaurs on street corners, sidewalks, besides the grocery store, everywhere. In fact, Drumheller even has the world’s largest Dinosaur.

    • Air Canada: A Review

      by MaxPower

      Anyone who has followed R4NT for a while will know that I keep close tabs on the operations of Air Canada. Generally speaking my opinion has not been complimentary…

    • Apple Mighty Mouse

      by TDJ

      …In other words, my hand feels sore if I’m working the mouse regularly, which makes it useless for any serious computer user.

    • Crom Vs. EA Games: The Battle for Fun

      by Crom

      I pray that one day the people at last throw down the shackles of EA oppression and realize that bigger and better is achieved by quality and not by the power of a corrupt and merciless Brand name.

    • Ninteen Days

      by Beauty

      Of course, my imagination was filled with fantasy scenarios involving violence and unfathomable wit, but when faced with overwhelming stupidity I lose the will to fight.

    • SugarPlumHoneyBun

      by Gordon McDowell

      And so Vahini entered the tub. She with the understanding that the bra she wore would protect her decency. And I with the understanding the bubbles… the precious bubbles…

    • Interview with Audible Intelligence

      by The Lotus Queen

      A disparate group of guys dusted themselves off, realized they had bonafide talents and were all in one way or another, sometimes unwittingly connected.. Audible Intelligence was formed.

    • BAG

      by Simmons Records

      Every once in a while an artist comes along that breaks the mold, an artist who fails to fit into today’s cookie cutter world, an artist unwavering in his fierce commitment to creativity. That artist is BAG.

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