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    • Transformers (PS2)

      by Obsidian

      Essentially your goal is to find all of these little guys and use them to help you kick the Decepticons shiny metal butts..

    • Mad Fast Reviews

      by David Gluzman

      3 Albums, 3 minutes. Please take your time and read it carefully. We’ve got disco, we’ve got funk, we’ve got it quick! (Chris Joss, 4Hero, Rae and Christian)

    • Air Canada Sucks…?

      by MaxPower

      Bashing Air Canada is a national hobby, if not just for the customer service but also for their appalling lack of business know-how.

    • Prince – Musicology

      by Obsidian

      I was happy to hear a return of the slinky funk-oriented grooves on Musicology, compared to the preachy and unlistenable Rainbow Children

    • ‘Tis the Season of my Discontent

      by Beauty

      I would be content to sit in the shade in all my pale glory, except that people seem to feel compelled to point out my whiteness.

    • The 2004 Eddies

      by Crom

      A night long bacchanalia honoring the submissions for TV spots and new this year: print ads all featuring Big Rock beer.

    • Louie Vega – Choice

      by Azuli Records

      Now everybody plays the four-on-the-floor house beat, but DJs used play four-on-the-floor with funk, jazz, Euro and syncopated rhythms

    • Envoy – Shoulder2Shoulder

      by Soma Records

      The title track from his forthcoming album, is an agitated cross between the martian sounds of Red Planet and the techno punk of Green Velvet

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