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    • Old Skool Movie Review: Sneakers

      by Crom

      Old Skool Movie Review
      This months classic: Sneakers
      For the most part, movies involving computer hacking or the use of computers, grossly over visualize the hacking process. Such debacles as “hackers” and “swordfish” have given plenty of examples thereof. However, true to its origins, while not being overly nerdy, Sneakers was a movie that could deliver the …

    • Music: Plaid – Double Figure

      by robNtime

      IDM – The Cantina chill-out sessions.
      Somewhere, in the world of Warp Records, between the childish yet dark crunchy-funked beats from Boards of Canada and the non-linear blips and bleeps of Autechre, lies the beautiful valley Plaid. If the Cantina Bar in Mos Eisley (on planet Tatoonie, of course) had a chill-out room, this album would …

    • Uneven Field

      by Obsidian

      …hell if it were a game in the local casino there’s a good bet that you’d be passing it up for something that offered better chance of winning…

    • GI JOE could beat up your dad

      by Crom

      …He couldn’t bend at the knees, or elbows. Once again I was forced to compare this toy to the toys of my youth. GI JOE…

    • Golfing

      by David Gluzman

      …To clear things up, I’m referring to the daily habits of chronic internet users..

    • The Forbidden Fruit

      by The Witless Wonder

      …Today is bad, but tomorrow will be better. I am alone now, but I will not be in the future…

    • Top Whatever

      by Terence Leung

      …top 10 albums, songs, movies, shoes, toys, trucks, toy cars, mullets, restaurants, Mr T quotables, sheep shearers…

    • Harry Potter and the Downfall of Western Civilization

      by MaxPower

      …why do I continually see grown, professional adults reading ‘Harry Potter’ on my daily commute to work? Would you read Winnie the Pooh on the train or bus?

    • Cloning: A no brainer

      by FatLip

      …Television and movies have bred ignorance of the issue and branded cloning with a virulent destructive stigma…

    • Reading between enemy lines

      by Roy Veismeir

      …Muslim children are taught to hate. If this isn’t the case, why haven’t Islam’s religious leaders around the world condemned terrorism and distanced Islam from hijackers and murderers?

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