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    • How to Play Video Poker And Win (Seriously, Win!)

      by MaxPower

      Some may ask why R4NT is covering these games even considering neither one of the writers of the features are big gamblers. Personally, I think it comes from the fact that while many people gamble, few people gamble well.

    • How to Play Baccarat

      by Beauty

      This is a game of pure chance where no skill is needed, and the only two decisions a player needs to make is whether to bet on the Banker or Player hand and how big of a wager to make.

    • How to play Roulette

      by Beauty

      You are allowed to bring a pencil and paper to keep track of the numbers that have come up, or study the numbers on the electronic display supplied by the Casino.

    • How to play Blackjack (and Win)

      by Beauty

      My basic strategy was to hit, or ask for additional cards, whenever my sum was 16 or less, and to stand on a 17 or above. I never realized that there was so much more to the game..

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