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    • Dear Steve Jobs

      by Crom

      Are you Sowing the seeds of Utopia? Have you recently had a keynote speech that made my bowels shatter a toilet? Probably.

    • World of Warcraft

      by Dijita

      The nice thing is that it is set up in such a way that you do not NEED to put in hour long Marathons to actually progress in the game.

    • Logitech Trackman

      by Ian Harding

      This pain is the result of years of repetitive motions and is something that I will have to physically change part of my life to heal.

    • Xbox Live: Generation Next

      by MaxPower

      The combination of playing on Xbox Live and obtaining stats via the internet and it is undoubtedly a great cross-functional media paradigm.

    • The Mars Volta

      by Universal Music

      A collection of tracks that will have the music intelligentsia scrambling to find new adjectives to describe the band’s frenetic and chaotic sound.

    • The Kills

      by BMG Music

      Teeming with some of the most alluring love-hate dichotomies ever put to tape. The chemistry is evident in every lyric and guitar chord.

    • The Chemical Brothers

      by Astralwerks

      In true Chemical Brothers’ fashion, Push The Button, showcases the guys penchant for exciting collaborations and awe-inspiring beats.

    • Interview with Daedelus

      by David Gluzman

      I grew-up in a home full of music so it took extra time for me to really start collecting, now I’m on something like 10,000 vinyl..

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