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    • The dreams we dream

      by Sassy C

      Am I living the dream, as she is sure I am? Is this weekly paper with its shared office, cluttered desk and temperamental computer what my dreams are made of?

    • Practical Jokes that are truly Practical

      by Crom

      You ever see those signs on the side of the road that ask “Got junk?” and then have the phone number of some lunatic with a box truck who’ll charge you fifty thousand times what the dump will charge you

    • Weekend Visit to Ikea

      by Beauty

      My husband and I fall into the DINK category: Dual Incomes No Kids. On a recent long weekend, we decided to brave the traffic and drive to the nearest IKEA in Etobicoke.

    • Kingston to Calgary

      by Ian Harding

      With first-round plans to move to Vancouver and meet up with a college buddy, I finally managed to convince a close friend of mine to ditch his crap-hole job and come with me.

    • A Dying Reality TV Producer

      by Crom

      How come nobody ever thought about having a show, where the contestants have a roast beef fight? You know, running around, laughing, and throwing freshly sliced, warm roast beef.

    • War of the Worlds

      by Carolyn Petit

      It’s clear that Spielberg was operating on a post-September-11th level here, and in this film he is brilliant at composing images that are suggestive of not only the destruction of that day..

    • New Rules, New NHL.

      by MaxPower

      What is new and improved you ask? Well there are a host of rule changes, a per team salary cap of US$39 million and a bunch of other small changes.

    • Khan Leak

      by Gordon McDowell

      He was a perfect mole, working for a combined CIA/ISI task force. Khan sent and received encrypted e-mails to key al Qaeda figures in the hope of pinpointing their locations and intentions.

    • Death Cab for Cutie

      by Atlantic Records

      The first single, “Soul Meets Body” showcases Ben Gibbard’s unique vocal styling and deft lyricism within a romantically haunting keyboard-laden music bed.

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