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    • Pour Some Sugar On Me

      by Crom

      …The casualties of this war have been piling up and there appears to be no end in sight. Ever since the Backstreet boys and their kind surfaced in the music world, there’s been an obvious pattern to new musical groups coming out…

    • Superhero, for your gums!

      by David Gluzman

      …Remember that first time the lights came out and what you though was a preview to a killer new action film was actually a stupid ad…

    • Attack of the Wanna-Be Athletic Superstars

      by MaxPower

      …I took this opportunity to surreptitiously unscrew the top of his water and knock it over, ending his drinking, when he got back he looked lost as he sat down in a puddle of water…

    • Welcome to the Internet, Loser

      by The Jerky Bastard

      …But then again, you are going to have to call support anyway to figure out how to get the porn sites out of your history list, so what the heck..

    • I made a mistake

      by Crom

      …If I could get paid the same salary as an entry-level computer programmer to roam around the grasslands playing golf, I’d laugh until my ribs broke…

    • Bar Nightmare

      by The Lotus Queen

      …Lap Dogs suck the dick of patriarchal structure (among others). Studs and their ilk do not like lesbians, they like slutty straight girls who pretend. Lesbians would not ask them to join in. Neither would anyone else with an ounce of taste and common sense…

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