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    • The adventure of Thailand

      by David Gluzman

      This place looked awesome, beautiful beach, beautiful restaurant / bar and great little bungalows to sleep in. All within a stones throw of the beach. We could easily spend the rest of trip here.

    • Prick the Pin Poodle EP1

      by Ian Harding

      Get ready for a fun new adventure with Prick the Pin Poodle. In his debut episode, Prick is in search of a new friend. Will he find one? Only the story will tell…

    • Why I can’t play video games anymore.

      by Steve McGrath

      He knows all the calibres the stats magazine sizes, types of scopes manufacturers, accuracy, damage and so on. He is 8 and he is in grade 3. What do you know in grade 3? Geography? History? Math?

    • The Office

      by Crom

      In every office I’ve ever been in people have had a tacit arrangement to accumulate swag. Not useful or fun stuff either, just random junk that proves you’re a little bit better then everyone around you.

    • X’05 – The Canadian Preview of the Xbox 360

      by MaxPower

      I walked up on a guy playing Peter Jackson’s King Kong and in all honesty I thought he was chatting with a rep while a cut scene was going on as the graphics were so clear.

    • Age of Empires III

      by MaxPower

      The colonial setting and the ability to fight over North and South America makes for interesting situations, but the fact that they just kind of lumped Canada in with the greater U.S. areas like “The Rockies” kind of miffed me.

    • Coldcut

      by Ninja Tune

      Coldcut return with the first single from their stunning forthcoming album, and it’s a Hunter S Thompson of a tune (by which we mean larger than life, not quite sane and quite possibly dangerous).

    • Interview with Ryan Bidan from Microsoft

      by R4NT

      When thinking of what to do to keep the game fresh while maintaining the look and feel of an Age game, the development team looked at what worked and what didn’t work with previous franchise releases.

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