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    • Remy Zero – The Golden Hum

      by Terence Leung

      Maybe it will take ‘The Golden Hum’ to shake off Remy Zero’s unofficial title of “Hey! It’s that band whose lead singer was married to Alyssa Milano!” but unfortunately it probably won’t. But hey, Ozzy Osborne is still known as “That british guy who bites the heads of bats on stage” so as far as …

    • Dungeon Siege (PC)

      by Crom & D4V

      Crom: Unless you’ve lived in a dark hole, then you’ve heard of Microsofts latest RPG “Dungeon Siege”. Following in the unsure footsteps of such gaming extravaganzas as Diablow and Diablow II , Dungeon Siege is a Single/Multiplayer world of battle. The 3d graphics were a much needed improvement to this style of game, and the …

    • Baldwin Brothers – Cooking with Lasers

      by a parallel mechanic

      Fuzzy breakbeats AM Gold style.
      “Cooking With Lasers” would not necessarily be my first choice for a living room listening selection. But I would definitely take this album on a wild’n crazy road trip with the boyz. Those sexy Baldwin Brothers. Here’s what they might have said they did:
      ‘That’s Right’ – This is quintessential highway driving …

    • …With a Fistful of NapalmĀ®

      by Crom

      ..How come I’m not out right now on the streets of Calgary, with an AK47, listening to a police scanner, just waiting to grease some people?..

    • The Social Experiment

      by David Gluzman

      ..Every time I would pay for something on my credit card I would then make sure to act cool and make sure to sign absolutely nothing like my proper signature. The results I may say were quite interesting..

    • Communication is Key

      by Obsidian

      ..My friend and I are no longer friends because I became angry in regards to her behavior, lack of communication and lack of respect for my feelings

    • Why I love Free-dom

      by Eric Hamilton

      ..Free software, pirated movies, and of course, Mp3’s are all available without too much difficulty or technical know-how..

    • Ill at ease

      by TDJ

      ..the Internet is vastly an unregulated medium, there is almost a sense of anarchy in that people feel it’s their right to put forth unauthorised and inappropriate information into the public domain..

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