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    • Screw thy Customer

      by David Gluzman

      I don’t ask for much, I simply want to be treated relatively the same as a 40 year old walking into your establishment.

    • Busdriver – Cosmic Cleavage

      by Pamela Hruska

      Being original in this saturated day in age is rare, and this is an album which should be highly commended for doing so.

    • R4NT Video: 10 Cents

      by Gordon McDowell

      Gordon McDowell and Geoff Helmer take the reigns and herein have spurred some heated discussion on borrowing.

    • Any Black Sheep in the Family?

      by MaxPower

      You are not caught on camera and there are no witnesses. You may have left fingerprints, but you aren’t worried.

    • Jim Brynes – Fresh Horses

      by Obsidian

      Most of the regular readers of r4nt will have never heard of Jim Byrnes but I’m willing to bet you’ve probably seen or heard him on TV. His most recognizable role was probably as Joe Dawson on the Vancouver-based Highlander series, and he has also done numerous commercial and cartoon voice-overs such as Inferno in …

    • Special Feature: Big Dada

      by Big Dada

      Having taken it upon themselves to release heaps of records on the sly without you even noticing. It’s cos we’re from London innit?

    • OHM – Forget Who We Are

      by Resistance Media

      Their policy of embracing P2P seems to be paying off spectacularly and the band will soon be able to play their first OHM party in London.

    • Interview with Blockhead

      by R4NT

      There’s been a tendency in instrumental hip hop towards the bombastic and the plain tacky, which is why Blockhead is so refreshing.

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