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    • Interview: DJ Clever – Leftfield DnB Goes Offshore..

      by The Lotus Queen

      ..Mr. Cleaver is the man behind NYC’s Offshore Recordings. Offshore is unmistakably coming out with unique leftfield sounds that set it apart from the drum n’ bass “norms”. I had a chance to ask him a few burning questions.

    • Audio Rant #2

      by Crom wanna become one of the technical elite. You want to jump into some technical institute , grab as much computer knowledge as you can, and then shuck off the current pathetic job you have and make big bucks as a technician. You figure that a few months of intense computer training will imbibe you with the knowledge and experience you need to make you the kind of techie that companies the world over will thirst for..

    • In the Beginning…

      by MaxPower

      And Jean said, “Let the government in Canada be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so. 10 Jean called the dry ground “Ottawa,” and the dismissed the rest he called “the West” And Jean saw that it was good..

    • Large, and in Charge.

      by Crom

      Obviously people do drugs in order to gain an edge, but I personally would rather hone an edge through blood and sweat. I’ve seen varied opinions about juice over the years, those that swear by it claiming that there are no ill effects to proper usage, those who curse its name, and those who’ve become lesser men and women for their transgressions. I’m going to set the record straight.

    • Military Service

      by The Macleod

      Forget the drunken driving charge from 1976, his refusal to deny having tried any illegal drugs prior to 1974, or the talk of insider trading in the late 1980s. Bush’s military record puts them all to shame in painting a picture of an unfit and criminal president..

    • Rip. Mix. Burn. Lame.

      by Crom

      In their haste to scoff at internet distribution of albums because of the supposed lack of guaranteed funds, they were backdoored in the pooper by us, the music hungry masses..

    • The Anti Anti-Top Ten Songs of the Year List – The Belated Edition

      by Terence Leung

      Here are the top ten songs of my special version of the calendar year that I like and no one else that I know likes and if they knew I liked them they wouldn’t like me anymore because I like them..

    • Incentive Music

      by Incentive Music

      On behalf of Incentive Music and their label, Product, we take great pleasure in presenting the following ‘direct to file’ hyperlinks of three full-length video streams in both Real Audio & Windows Media.

    • Ninja Tune & Synchronic Records: Saul Williams

      by Ninja Tune

      Since Saul Williams recorded debut, “Twice The First Time,” this young blood poet, MC and actor/director from America has impressed the world with skilful words and the moral and political weight of his views. When Saul was asked to become involved in the American “Not In Our Name Campaign” he obliged with a powerful message. …

    • Game: Unreal 2

      by Crom & D4V

      D4V: After a 7 month hiatus of the tag team review, we are back in full force as a special treat for the inauguration of issue 3.0. However, we couldn’t have picked a shittier game to review than Unreal 2.
      Crom: Truly, most special events have something worthwhile to talk about. Sadly, we managed …

    • Digital Camera: Canon S30

      by David Gluzman

      After 3 long years with a suffering Toshiba digital camera, I finally got my hands on a compact and stylish next-gen Camera by Canon. Regardless that this camera is already getting dated, it still gets the job done extremely well.
      Sporting a powerful 1/1.8-inch 3.2 megapixel CCD, combined with 3x optical (10x digital) zoom lens, …

    • A Night in With Boy George: A Chillout Mix

      by Dijita

      Let’s back up to August 2002, out from Moonshine records comes a mixed compilation by Boy George titled “A Night Out with Boy George”. Overall the best way I could describe it as is techno house; loud with lots of heavy beats, and in my opinion a fairly obnoxious mix of sounds. Fast-forward to October …

    • Lightning Head – Studio Don

      by a parallel mechanic

      Na-na-na-na-na-nice…like beans & rice…
      Put out by the German label Best Seven, who blessed us with the “Dub Infusions” and “More Dub Infusions” compilations, “Studio Don” is an excellent debut LP from former Rockers Hi-Fi producer Glyn (bigga) Bush. Though it took my southern-Californian arse a few months to even realize that this record was on …

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