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    • Does Your Knife Really Cut it?

      by Pamela Hruska

      Toss those horrific finds from your local department store that are wobbly tinfoil productions. That row of Henkles that you all spend time in searching for your kitchen tools drives me crazy.

    • Barefoot Zinfandel

      by Adrian Bryksa

      My expectations for this one aren’t high, but I have seen other consumers walk out of stores with case loads of this wine and big smiles on their faces so who knows….

    • Casual Inspiration

      by Jaymi Newington

      If you love to cook it will come out in the flavor of your food. My dad always told me if you cook with a bad mind, meaning you weren’t into it, your food will taste terrible. If your heart is in it, it will be delicious!!

    • Sustainable Dining at Red Door Bistro

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Using local and provincial producers, Red Door Bistro has tried to ensure that where possible, their materials are as organic and are as free from hormones, pesticides and all those other undesirable ingredients as possible.

    • The Bucketheads – The Bomb!

      by Jon Freer

      Back in 1995, The Bucketheads, released an incredibly powerful House record, which was called The Bomb! From the first time I heard it, the track fascinated me, even though I didn’t know much about house music at the time.

    • R4NT Radio January 2009

      by David Gluzman

      R4NT Radio Numero Undici, featuring: Joy Denalane, Cottonbelly, Rae & Christian, ISoul8, Swamburger, Lupe Fiasco, Thunderheist, Price Fatty, and the Outerlectuals.

    • Confessions of a Sugar Bear Poacher

      by Pamela Hruska

      I swear, after about five of these guys, you'll experience a sympathetic surge of neuroexcitability, sending you into a state of pure non stop chatter and movement.

    • Annie’s Lane Riesling

      by Adrian Bryksa

      I love the versatility that Riesling offers from its potential presentation as a sticky sweet late harvest or as mouth-puckering dry example and all of the spots that it can occupy in between.

    • Artist Profile: Glass Candy

      by Jon Freer

      They make the sort of music that cuts through the hot air and has you thankful for owning ears and having the ability to listen to GC's magical and mysterious concoctions.

    • Predictions 2009

      by Maxpower & D4V

      We're back for another year, predictions 2009. Let's just hit this straight away. 2008 sucked. It was a year where Harpers Collins introduced the word 'meh' as defined as expression of indifference or boredom into the dictionary and it was a year of financial and economic turmoil.

    • Cinnamon

      by Jaymi Newington

      An ingredient that was once thought to be more precious than gold; an ingredient once traded amongst monarchs; an ingredient not only mentioned in the bible but also used by many classical writers.

    • Kendall-Jackson Jackson Estates Grown Cabernet Sauvignon

      by Adrian Bryksa

      Holidays can bring a time of depression, especially when faced with the ugly truth that work is awaiting along with any salivating creditors to which ones holiday good times were funded.

    • Woolfy Vs Projections

      by Jon Freer

      The resulting album is a truly magical collection of organic beauties, where live percussion, heavenly guitars and angelic vocals feature heavily.

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