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    • Crazy Hot New Music

      by David Gluzman

      Much like our past features, such as “Mad Fast Reviews” I’m going to quickly attempted to brainwash you out of the mainstream tar pits and into the world of dope, hot, buzzin’ new beats.

    • A Visit to a Nation’s Capital

      by MaxPower

      What is really great is that you can even get a tour of the heart of a democracy. I can’t speak for all nations but I know that in England, the US and Germany you can not get full-fledged tours..

    • A Cultural City Break in Ottawa

      by Beauty

      The Group of Seven paintings were a highlight for me, and the National Gallery of Canada has the most comprehensive collection of these paintings in the world.

    • Batman Begins

      by Carolyn Petit

      Do we really have any free will, or do we just act out the byproducts of the genetic code we’ve inherited as it’s filtered through a lens of childhood traumas and incoming stimuli?

    • Book Review: Simple Truths

      by Adrian Bryksa

      It’s not a new book or one that is burning down the best seller lists. Put simply, it is a guide to life written by an individual with a PHd in Theology and Art.

    • JVC GR-HD1 Review

      by Gordon McDowell

      I would suspect they are created during MPEG-2 compression, due to an insufficient bitrate. I can actually hear the camera change speed when playing back DV footage, compared to SD and HD footage.

    • Why might I need a HD Camera?

      by Gordon McDowell

      Now why would you shoot at 16:9? Aside from artistic reasons, it has the potential to look sharper when played back on a high definition television.

    • Jason Mraz

      by Atlantic Records

      These 12 songs recognize the events of Mraz’s last few years, in which he left the coffee houses where he was raised and was thrust into the theatre and arena circuits.

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