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    • Dave Aude – Mixed Live

      by David Gluzman

      Uncensored, one take, true skills, lots of energy. That is the truth behind the ‘Mixed Live’ series from Moonshine music.
      Recorded live at Velvet in St. Louis, Dave Aude pumps it out hard, and you can feel the crowed diggin’ the vibe. You could say it definitely helps create an atmosphere of being there when you …

    • Bookworm Deluxe

      by David Gluzman

      Gaming is a popular topic of conversation on R4NT these days. I’ve read many opinions on how “Enter The Matrix” is the best game going right now, and I think it just plain sucks; it’s boring and the quality is comparable to an underdeveloped duck embryo. Call me boring, but I remember back …

    • Richard Dorfmeister – Presents a Different Drummer Selection

      by a parallel mechanic

      Though it may be a gimmick to market this Different Drummer showcase as a Richard Dorfmeister remix album, it’s certainly not a bad idea to get the stamp of approval from the universe’s most accomplished downtempo producer. And though the shiny sticker on the CD package says “Different Drummer Releases Selected and Remixed by Richard …

    • A non researched view of Insurance Companies

      by David Gluzman

      I only have one more year to go in order to reach premium platinum adult driving status or for my car insurance to drop to a record breaking low, glory I can’t wait. Hold up, back up the truck. I’ve been paying insurance on vehicles for about 6 years.. Hmm. That’s about… oh.. $18,000..A non researched view of Insurance Companies

    • KKD An Audio R4NT

      by Crom

      These people are there, like omega man, in the dark, waiting. Nobody sees, but I do. Nobody sees, the krispy kreme disease…

    • Love Your Computer Geek

      by Steve McGrath

      I look at the knowledge and education some programmers have and I am in awe at how poorly they get paid, the long hours they are expected to work..

    • Privacy Hawks

      by MaxPower

      There is nary a place in London that you can walk without being on camera. Train stations, bridges, alleys, main tourist arteries, all watched by cameras..

    • Derelict?

      by Crom

      The former Soviet Union was right. Americans are fat… and stupid. They are decadent, and wasteful. I’m certain however, that the same could be said for many nations and peoples..

    • Chungking

      by Tummy Touch

      Hailing from Brighton, the San Francisco of Sussex, the band’s debut album is the product of a three year labour of love and loss across five decades of sound. Timeless songs, delivered with a lightness of touch and a voice that will make you swoon.

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