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    • Sony CyberShot DCS-P32

      by Crom

      Sony’s little cybershot is indeed handy. Fast, light and sleek looking it appeals to the esthetic and the technical. I picked up this bad boy in order to have a camera for my travels into the US, and it’s been good to me. The layout of the back panel is standard to all digital cameras …

    • Liberator Shapes: Wedge + Ramp Combo

      by R4NT

      I had the perfect plan: Candle light dinner, some Barry White and a glass of wine, followed with some sweet tender loving, but with a twist! What the hell is this?! Was the unfortunate reaction to my casual introduction to the huge Liberator “Ramp” lying on the bed. However after further inspection, followed …

    • Audio R4NT #3

      by Crom

      Tune in and hear it for yourself

    • UN-ited Bureaucracy

      by MaxPower

      Russia said no one needed war to determine the threat of weapons of mass destruction, however, in APRIL Putin says that the UN can’t lift the sanctions until someone determines the threat of weapons of mass destruction..

    • Business

      by The Macleod

      ..with my best jogging pants and my Wildcats sneakers on I was dressed for success. I hit the neighbourhood streets with nothing more than a bowlful of pinecones and a pocketful of dreams. I would be the next great Canadian success story.

    • Food for Thought

      by Crom

      ..or some reason, most people seem to believe that there are a hundred people behind a curtain at their local Denny’s just trying to get everything perfect, as if the Queen of England were dining there..

    • Motorcycles

      by MaxPower

      The baffles on his muffler had to be removed as it sounded like a jet was taking off down the street. This was probably exactly the effect he was going for, extreme annoyance..

    • Tourist vs. Traveler

      by Steve McGrath

      Well intentioned and inspired as I might consider myself. I am still a tourist. I take photos of everywhere I go. I visit the beautiful places. I see some of the other places, I meet locals but I can not become a one..

    • Karma

      by Dijita

      if you do something good, will something good happen to you in a physical sense, as opposed to merely feeling good about yourself?

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