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    • Steam Whistle Brewery (Toronto)

      by David Gluzman

      Bottoms up
      Sure Toronto might be expensive *cough* CN Tower *cough*, but all you need is about $5 and a pint of beer to have a really good time. Funny enough good times are to be found right about a five minute walk from the CN Tower in an old converted Rail Station (CPR John Street …

    • Ontario Science Centre (Toronto)

      by MaxPower

      Kids going ape
      The Ontario Science Centre advertises ‘Discover how much fun science can be’ and it definitely delivers, to a point. The OSC is a classic example of ‘hands on’ learning, and how to make science ‘fun’. Of course you can tell from this description already that the OSC’s target market is children probably …

    • New Sky Restaurant (Toronto)

      by Maxpower & Beauty

      MaxPower: How do you choose a Chinese food restaurant in Chinatown when there are about 50 in a 5 block radius? You look for the one that is packed with Chinese people at 6:30PM and then pick that one. That’s exactly what we did one night when we were looking for a good (and cheap) …

    • Royal Onatrio Museum (Toronto)

      by MaxPower

      In spite of suffering from a slight case of museum fatigue, the intrepid reporters from R4NT made their way to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) at about 3 o’clock on a Saturday. It was very crowded around the ROM as there were crews setting up for the Santa Claus parade which was going to take …

    • The Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto)

      by Beauty

      Degas at the AGO
      The R4NT crew walked to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) after visiting Toronto’s famous CN Tower. We entered the lobby of the Gallery and found ourselves standing in a large room containing several information booths and pamphlet stands. The ticket line was pleasingly short, and we were able to get tickets …

    • Toronto: Black Bull Tavern

      by R4NT

      Maxpower: The Black Bull Tavern has a lot of potential, I have walked by it many times and commented on its good location – Queen Street West – and their history – established 1833, it also won Best Outdoor Patio in Toronto in 2001. But like all things that you think will be …

    • CN Tower

      by Pamela Hruska

      When one thinks of Toronto, the image of the CN tower is surely a forerunner. Boasted as ‘Canada’s Wonder of the World’, it is an impressive 553.33m high tower that is the heart of Canada’s telecommunications. It is situated in the down town core of Toronto and is an attraction for millions of …

    • Alien – Directors Cut

      by Wartank

      In the oppressive darkness, two grungy spacesuits carefully lower a third into the bowels of the alien ship. He is suspended temporarily in mid-air inside a cavernous room. The alien walls are ribbed as though alive; a raised backbone-walkway snakes along the base, towards the interminable distance. The explorer is deposited, gingerly, there. A pale, …

    • Red Snapper

      by Lo Recordings

      Over the last 8 years, Lo Recordings have been one of the most innovative and ground-breaking labels around. Most recently they have picked up the now-legendary Red Snapper and released two albums this year – the eponymous album came first in February, and now the second is upon us. Redone is selection of tracks from the last album, remixed by a variety of contemporary artists including Radioactive Man, Depth Charge, Blue States, Pedro, Rothko, Red Snapper themselves and more.

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