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    • The Gamers Rythmn Heaven: Nintendo DSi

      by Kimberley Jev

      The Nintendo is so effortless to control that it has been reported that the Queen of England herself indulges in a little Nintendo now and then.

    • iPhone – a Revolution?

      by MaxPower

      We’ve all seen what a sexy phone can do – the Razr from Motorola basically turned that company’s mobile device line around and spawned the next generation of “thin” rather than simply “small” phones. Is sexy revolutionary?

    • Gifts that Click: Holiday Preview

      by MaxPower

      Here we are in the prime of the “holiday creep” which occurs when one season ends and the marketing for the next season begins. Back to school has passed and since Halloween is a minor non-gift related holiday all of the product suppliers and retailers are gearing up for Christmas.

    • iPod v5

      by Ian Harding

      When it comes to expensive electronics, believe me, I treat them as if I gave birth to them. So when I squinted at the pristine surface glare from the white object encased within, I knew I had a task ahead of me.

    • How to Receive Both Infrared and Visible Light

      by Gordon McDowell

      As the little grey men walk across the scorched surface of our planet, I shall witness their approach… by monitoring the INFRARED SPECTRUM.

    • Poison Devil Mac

      by Crom

      You can’t deny the esthetic of Apple products; you may want to in some delirious need to prove you aren’t in love with the idea, but you’d be lying to yourself

    • Apple Mighty Mouse

      by TDJ

      …In other words, my hand feels sore if I’m working the mouse regularly, which makes it useless for any serious computer user.

    • JVC GR-HD1 Review

      by Gordon McDowell

      I would suspect they are created during MPEG-2 compression, due to an insufficient bitrate. I can actually hear the camera change speed when playing back DV footage, compared to SD and HD footage.

    • Why might I need a HD Camera?

      by Gordon McDowell

      Now why would you shoot at 16:9? Aside from artistic reasons, it has the potential to look sharper when played back on a high definition television.

    • Sony PSP

      by Dijita

      Personally I was excited to get my hands on the new Sony PSP. So on March 24th I was like a little kid opening up the box of my brand new Sony PSP. Was it worth it?

    • Kensington Expert Mouse

      by David Gluzman

      Everyone I know is jumping on the ergonomics bandwagon. Since the working population finds themselves sitting at a computer for the better part of the week one can get a bit sore or even injured.

    • Archos Gmini 400

      by David Gluzman

      We’re talking serious convergence plus excellent build quality, and outstanding functionality. After the initial learning curve, you will be up and running within minutes of powering the unit on.

    • nik Color Efex Pro 2.0

      by David Gluzman

      The professional tool of choice is obviously Adobe Photoshop, which in turn has an endless amount of tools for tweaking and adjusting imagery. But sometimes the included tools just aren’t enough..

    • Dear Steve Jobs

      by Crom

      Are you Sowing the seeds of Utopia? Have you recently had a keynote speech that made my bowels shatter a toilet? Probably.

    • Logitech Trackman

      by Ian Harding

      This pain is the result of years of repetitive motions and is something that I will have to physically change part of my life to heal.

    • Microsoft Digital Media Pro

      by Beauty

      This is a new wired keyboard that provides practical features such as Favourite keys and a sleek design at a reasonable price..

    • The Future of Security?

      by MaxPower

      Fingerprint scanning and identification has become the biometric of choice, basically because of ease of use and economics.

    • Websites Nuances

      by David Gluzman

      Uuuh I think I can figure out what a link is and what it can do, why in the world are you cluttering my reading speed with “Click here?”

    • The Real Review (iPod)

      by David Gluzman

      I enjoy cataloging my music, and I was sure the iPod would allow me to have easy and quick access to my favorite tunes at all times. The Real Review

    • Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10

      by MaxPower

      Most consumers, myself included, spend all the money on the camera and give little or no thought to the processing required afterwards.

    • Digital Camera: Sony CyberShot DSC-P10

      by MaxPower

      I’ve entered the world of digital photography! Oh I know what you’re thinking, how could the chic and incredibly trendy Nixon only getting a digicam now? What can I say, I was a first mover with the whole CD burning craze but have been slow on the digital photography revolution. Actually, I …

    • Gameboy Advance SP

      by Dijita

      Two years ago I bought a Game Boy Advance just before my trip to Vegas. I figured it would provide some good entertainment while performing the ritualistic boring wait in the airport. Sure enough it did a job well done. My only complaint was that it was always hard to see the game. I always …

    • Love Your Computer Geek

      by Steve McGrath

      I look at the knowledge and education some programmers have and I am in awe at how poorly they get paid, the long hours they are expected to work..

    • Sony CyberShot DCS-P32

      by Crom

      Sony’s little cybershot is indeed handy. Fast, light and sleek looking it appeals to the esthetic and the technical. I picked up this bad boy in order to have a camera for my travels into the US, and it’s been good to me. The layout of the back panel is standard to all digital cameras …

    • Gamer Hype

      by MaxPower

      There is no reason for Sony or Microsoft to rush forward the release of a next generation machine when the PS2 has been selling like mad without any major discounts since the last round prior to Christmas..

    • Rip. Mix. Burn. Lame.

      by Crom

      In their haste to scoff at internet distribution of albums because of the supposed lack of guaranteed funds, they were backdoored in the pooper by us, the music hungry masses..

    • The Anti Anti-Top Ten Songs of the Year List – The Belated Edition

      by Terence Leung

      Here are the top ten songs of my special version of the calendar year that I like and no one else that I know likes and if they knew I liked them they wouldn’t like me anymore because I like them..

    • Digital Camera: Canon S30

      by David Gluzman

      After 3 long years with a suffering Toshiba digital camera, I finally got my hands on a compact and stylish next-gen Camera by Canon. Regardless that this camera is already getting dated, it still gets the job done extremely well.
      Sporting a powerful 1/1.8-inch 3.2 megapixel CCD, combined with 3x optical (10x digital) zoom lens, …

    • Danger T-Mobile Sidekick

      by Anil Dash

      A super geek who’s looking for a replacement for a cell phone that I hate because of its shitty UI. And everyone I know’s been hyping these things for what seems like years, to the point where I stopped reading about it because I knew I’d get sick of your toy before it was even released..

    • Why I will never buy Maxtor ever again

      by David Gluzman

      This really boils my blood, not only has Maxtor not lived upto it’s service, warranty or customer satisfaction, but now I would have to spend MORE money (about 20 bucks) in returning a drive..

    • Apple iMac

      by Quasor

      Think Different.
      I’m a Windows/PC user. I write web applications for a living and the closest I’ve come to a Mac in the last 2 years is dropkicking a Tangerine iMac test machine. I’ve pretty much always dismissed Apple software as being a toy; their Operating System has sucked for the past 20 years. However recently, …

    • Rogers/Shaw Hi-Speed Internet

      by Crom & D4V

      D4V: Claim: Unlimited High Speed Internet Fact: Unlimited hassles guarantee
      Crom: You know, I remember when I got my iStar account; I thought I was in paradise. When I got my High Speed cable, I thought I’d walked into the greatest show room on earth. Instead, I’d walked into a shit sandwich, and we all had …

    • NEC FE950+ (19″ CRT)

      by David Gluzman

      Quick Specification breakdown:

      18-inch viewable screen size
      0.25- to 0.27-millimeter dot pitch
      1,792 x 1,344 maximum resolution at 68 Hz refresh rate
      OptiClear viewing; antistatic, antiglare screen treatment
      Compatible with PCs and Macintoshes

      I remember when I bought my first NEC monitor in 1995; $1200 and I was sitting in front of a brand new 17″ Multisync M700. The M700 …

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