Archive for May, 2001

    • Misdirection and Confusion: ISBN 0679889582

      by Crom

      …The genius that thought up this system of organization knew exactly what kind of twisted game he was getting into. This whole cracked-up fun house style design was made on purpose…

    • Bruce Banner Time

      by Crom

      …If I had a nickel for every time some superhero in a tinted-out, too much bass, fuzzy dice, rice’d out, chunk of shit cut me off trying to race down to Metro before the drink specials are over and all the bar sluts are taken…

    • Dancing, partying, and checking the scene.

      by Duke

      …Maybe it’s the incredible amount of frustration that sweeps over me whilst I’m out. The smoke, the cover, the bad music, or even the ass holes that manage to push me around…


      by The Lotus Queen

      …Is Hello Kitty stuck in between the tires, preventing them from turning backwards? Do they not actually know how to drive? Do they think that other drivers behind them are as dumb as they are and will not be able to figure out that reverse lights mean…

    • Paraiso Perdido

      by Crom

      …Corporate empires have conspired against the average consumer to slowly raise the price of the established cheap theaters in a sinister plot to curveball higher prices into your budget without your notice…

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