Get Smart!

by Pamela Hruska

Nik at night used to play hour after hour of Get Smart. Sure the show was cheesy, but I was young, and used to dedicate time to it anyway. The test? Is a resurrection going to be a blaring reminder that I had horrifically bad taste once upon a day? Well, if you never liked Get Smart, then right away you can assume I have bad taste…but if you have a nagging curiosity to see the recent redo of this serial on the big screen, here’s my impression:

The intro scene stayed true to form, with various slamming doors, dropping levels underground, and a telephone booth. The catch phrases are still continually repeated, and the plot between Control and Kaos is of course colored with Agents 86 and 99. Steve Carell definitely mimics the original Maxwell Smart memorably. It still holds onto the cheese factor, but if you go in knowing the shows original format and what to expect in terms of its sarcastic style, then you basically get what you’d imagine. I would say it’s good for light humor and a mental break as long as you don’t demand anything of it. Most importantly, the shoe phone lives on! Opens in theatres June 20th, 2008.

  • Get Smart!
  • by Pamela Hruska
  • Published on July 24th, 2008

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